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Ray Gigant

Bandai Namco Games, Experience Inc.
May 3, 2016 - PlayStation Vita

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Ray Gigant Second Trailer ~ PS Vita

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Critic Reviews for Ray Gigant

But this review isn't about what other people might think, it's about what I think. To me, what matters most is if I had fun or not, and I had a lot of fun with Ray Gigant.

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Ray Gigant sacrifices complexity for accessibility, and while the final experience is a little rote, the style and streamlining make the most compelling case for a non-fan of RPG dungeon crawling to finally get interested.

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7.5 / 10.0

Despite the lackluster dungeon designs and rather pedestrian difficulty, the gorgeous art style and a greater emphasis on its story and characters makes Ray Gigant stand out amongst its peers.

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Taking a step back from being a hardcore dungeon crawler, Ray Gigant puts one foot firmly into the realm of modern Japanese RPGs, and the result is an accessible experience, perfect for those looking for a gateway into the genre. It's not quite up there with the best that the Vita has to offer, but a good battle system and an enjoyable story go a long way in making this a rock solid role-playing release.

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Ray Gigant follows a lot of the RPG dungeon crawler tropes, while changing up the protagonists and enemies just often enough to keep things from getting boring. It’s not a challenge by any means, taking the focus away from grinding, and instead onto sitting back and enjoying the journey.

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Ray Gigant doesn’t play like your average dungeon-crawler, and that’s refreshing, but it also doesn’t do enough to warrant more than a hesitant recommendation. Genre nuts will probably eat up the weird variations on combat and character progression, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I found myself enamored with the gameplay. Still, this is far too facile and obtuse an experience to give a hearty thumbs-up — especially with its awkward translation and lackluster visuals.

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This visual novel / dungeon crawler hybrid does a number of interesting things with its characters and gameplay, but falls short of excellence due to a poor conclusion and lack of challenge.

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Ray Gigant takes some risks in game design to create a unique JRPG experience.

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