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Favorite Games:
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  • Xenogears
  • Final Fantasy Tactics

20 games reviewed
77.8 average score
82 median score
75.0% of games recommended

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Christian Pepito aka AlucardChristian loves different kinds of video games especially tactical RPGs. He also loves games with contrived plot twists and controversial stories.
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Mar 20, 2020

My Hero One’s Justice 2 is a pretty good action fighting game to play. It has its own style to make up for it, and it stands out in its own way. It is a good game to put in your gaming library.

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Mar 20, 2020

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is a game that can gladden a fan’s heart as they enjoy the nostalgia, the ability to create their own hero, fight the grand battles, and meet the series’ heroes. As for me, I was happy to play the game, but I will not go through with it again. One playthrough is enough.

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Dec 7, 2019

Overall, SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays is a new upgrade to the series. There are more features that are convenient and new to the franchise. This will definitely stay in my game library for a long while.

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6 / 10.0 - Profane
Dec 4, 2019

I would not recommend Profane to most of my friends who have terrible, terrible hand coordination skills, but I would recommend this to a few of them who like a challenge. I just wish they had bonus items that will increase the time limit, which will make it more convenient but still challenging to play.

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Oct 31, 2019

Overall, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a solid game to play on the campaign and multiplayer mode. I highly recommend it stay in your libraries because it is always fun to play from time to time.

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Sep 9, 2019

Due to these bugs, I’m really conflicted with what to feel for this game. I really want the developers to succeed and gain a lot of funding, but these bugs just take me out of it instead of making me feel fully invested. I’m still hopeful that they’ll iron things out and make it fully enjoyable. I’m also hoping they can implement the random respawning feature so I can grind a lot, but as an option for players to choose.

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Jul 8, 2019

In conclusion, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the perfect game for fans thirsty for metroidvania games. Iga has finally accomplished what he has promised for the fans and does it well.

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Mar 14, 2019

Attack of the Earthlings was just a good game to play for one playthrough and be done with it afterward. It is still buggy, straightforward but uninteresting plot, good character models but the turnaround animations are way too slow, the characters are not memorable, visuals common for indie games, and have funny jokes.

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Mar 4, 2019

Steins;Gate Elite is such an experience that touches your emotions, rattles your mind with long physics theories, time travel, and narration, but rewards you big time in the end. Not recommended for those who love action, but totally worth it for fans of visual novels, book novels, and other same materials.

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8.8 / 10.0 - God Eater 3
Feb 6, 2019

God Eater 3 is tons of fun with stunning new visuals, new weapons, new foes to face, and more. The game will even get more content in the coming months with the scheduled updates coming. This is definitely a must buy for a fan of the series. Players who are new to the game might enjoy it as well.

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