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It first started with Tetris on an old Game Boy. Fell in love with games at that exact moment. Since then I explored the Milky Way in Mass Effect, wreaked havoc in Cyrodiil, learned about the “definition of insanity” on Rook Island and freed the people of City 17. In the past decade, I wrote for a few German video game blogs and continue this trend with
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Masterpiece - Half-Life: Alyx
Apr 14, 2020

Half-Life: Alyx is not just a prequel. We are dealing with a tangible, independent entry into the franchise. It's a shame that not every fan can experience this story for themselves, because Valve did such an incredible job in the final that I couldn't stop being amazed. I don't want to give too much away either, because this, this is something big. End Episode Two big, to stay in the familiar terminology. However, the 15 hours before the credits are also fun and keep you in a good mood throughout. The reunion with old acquaintances, learning new skills in VR or a deeper immersion into the stories around the legendary "Gordon Freeman", whom the young Alyx only knows from stories and rumors: I approached the title with high expectations and Valve actually delivered.

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Loved - DOOM Eternal
Mar 31, 2020

This speed, so much more enemies and the scope: id Software has done more in all aspects than its predecessor. The player is demanded as much every second as it was in DOOM 2016 for the final... and that already in the tutorial. The choice of the right weapon against the Cacodemon hovering above me, the dodge set to the left to avoid the approaching Pinky and the firing of the flamethrower must go into your blood to have any chance at all against the deluge of demons pouring over the Slayer. There's so much going on on the screen at the same time that my computer should have been down on its knees by now. But it keeps on rattling happily. The postponement of DOOM Eternal seems to have done really good. Such a solidly functioning piece of software needs time to be polished and unnecessary frills thrown out. The latter didn't necessarily work with the upgrade system, but in terms of performance this shooter is at the forefront. DOOM Eternal has shown me again after many years what is still possible in the first person shooter genre.

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Liked-a-lot - Iron Danger
Mar 27, 2020

The lovingly designed world of Iron Danger projects partly really breathtaking panoramas on my screen. A harbour quay bathed in twilight enchants me as much as the duel between a several meter high fighting machine and my, in comparison, tiny heroes. Even if this colossus can crush me with a kick, I still manage to keep the upper hand due to the well implemented time manipulation. It's a great feeling when you jump out of the line of fire with split-second precision or parry a deadly blow. I have never regretted immersing myself in Finnish folklore for about 12-15 hours, and on top of that I was offered a sophisticated game mechanics. More of it with pleasure!

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Mar 11, 2020

I look forward to see how the community deals with Bloodroots. Speed runs and the most effective mission completion possible promise entertaining actions on the screen. But, too many little things and annoyances have spoiled the game fun for me. Whether it was missing animations, inaccurate camera work or delayed hits - in the end it's the sum that counts. It's a pity, since I had such high hopes for the small indie team in the middle of last year. But nothing is lost yet. Maybe patches and updates can put it in the right light, there are dozens of good approaches.

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Nov 21, 2019

I haven't laughed so hard about a video game in a long time. The dialogue options of The Outer Worlds are pure gold! If you have the chance to have a chat with the moustached hipster drug courier in Fallbrook, you should definitely take that opportunity. Apart from the creative gags, the missions are also well staged and offer many different solutions. Rarely have I had such freedom. The world reacts to everything I do in it, and it's just fun to watch the chaos I create unfold. You can see the fine-tuning of the game and it's very clear what elements the developers have focused on. In those very areas, The Outer Worlds does everything right and with this recipe for success has secured a place in my Top 3 for 2019.

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Liked-a-lot - Control
Aug 28, 2019

Not much expected and completely enthusiastic: That's what you want! Control pushes the right buttons for me and constantly provides me with great rewards. If you liked the mood of Max Payne 2 or Quantum Break, you're guaranteed to have fun with it. I'm glad that the developers give the setting and the universe they created plenty of air to breathe. So you can give in to the crazy world and celebrate the abstruse.

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Meh - Rage 2
May 28, 2019

At Rage 2, absolutely nothing is dared. The generic Open-World always has the same tasks and picks up gameplay mechanics that we've seen a thousand times before. Apart from the really good hit feedback and the action-packed fights, there is simply nothing to get. The pale characters are forgotten after a few days, the story only motivates a few hours and the races are a horror. If you only want to dig up bandit fortresses with cool moves and fat guns, you'll find some entertainment here, but not for the full price.

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Loved - Anno 1800
May 8, 2019

With five population levels, two maps and heaps of goods, the Endgame of Anno 1800 is much more difficult to coordinate than in past parts. But this is really to be understood as a compliment. No matter how many hours I sink into an endless game, there is still a set screw here or a chain of goods there that I would like to turn. Whether it's building more banana plantations, optimizing trade routes or outsourcing the entire heavy industry to another island, there's always something to do. The fact that I sat in front of the computer until half past three at night and watched the little men working speaks for itself. Herewith I can make a clear recommendation for Anno veterans and construction game beginners to buy. You will all have dozens of hours of entertainment with this wonderful piece of software made in Germany. Bravo, Blue Byte!

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Unscored - Tropico 6
Apr 16, 2019

To make it short and sweet: The direct predecessor was much more transparent and better playable than Tropico 6. The small bugs and larger coughing fits of the engine finally add up to a massive disturbance factor. Tropico has always been one of my favorite urban simulations. Not quite so serious, always with a dash of humour and always clear. Here the fourth developer studio tries its hand at the brand and unfortunately adds more negative than positive points to the mix. If you're interested in playing dictator you'd rather grab Tropico 5 and wait for the next offshoot with the homemade rum in your hand.

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Unscored - Truberbrook
Mar 21, 2019

Unfortunately, I didn't like Trüberbrook as much as I thought at first. The really charming artstyle and the great scenery are combined with a nice story, but technical weaknesses look out at all corners and edges. Whether it's the sluggish camera, the uninteresting opponent with the soporific voice or puzzles without inspiration. I don't want to punish all of the puzzles here by far, because some are really well guessed and have a crazy solution. However, the few negative examples are all the more important.

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