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It first started with Tetris on an old Game Boy. Fell in love with games at that exact moment. Since then I explored the Milky Way in Mass Effect, wreaked havoc in Cyrodiil, learned about the “definition of insanity” on Rook Island and freed the people of City 17. In the past decade, I wrote for a few German video game blogs and continue this trend with
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Liked-a-lot - Control
Aug 28, 2019

Not much expected and completely enthusiastic: That's what you want! Control pushes the right buttons for me and constantly provides me with great rewards. If you liked the mood of Max Payne 2 or Quantum Break, you're guaranteed to have fun with it. I'm glad that the developers give the setting and the universe they created plenty of air to breathe. So you can give in to the crazy world and celebrate the abstruse.

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Meh - Rage 2
May 28, 2019

At Rage 2, absolutely nothing is dared. The generic Open-World always has the same tasks and picks up gameplay mechanics that we've seen a thousand times before. Apart from the really good hit feedback and the action-packed fights, there is simply nothing to get. The pale characters are forgotten after a few days, the story only motivates a few hours and the races are a horror. If you only want to dig up bandit fortresses with cool moves and fat guns, you'll find some entertainment here, but not for the full price.

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Loved - Anno 1800
May 8, 2019

With five population levels, two maps and heaps of goods, the Endgame of Anno 1800 is much more difficult to coordinate than in past parts. But this is really to be understood as a compliment. No matter how many hours I sink into an endless game, there is still a set screw here or a chain of goods there that I would like to turn. Whether it's building more banana plantations, optimizing trade routes or outsourcing the entire heavy industry to another island, there's always something to do. The fact that I sat in front of the computer until half past three at night and watched the little men working speaks for itself. Herewith I can make a clear recommendation for Anno veterans and construction game beginners to buy. You will all have dozens of hours of entertainment with this wonderful piece of software made in Germany. Bravo, Blue Byte!

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Unscored - Tropico 6
Apr 16, 2019

To make it short and sweet: The direct predecessor was much more transparent and better playable than Tropico 6. The small bugs and larger coughing fits of the engine finally add up to a massive disturbance factor. Tropico has always been one of my favorite urban simulations. Not quite so serious, always with a dash of humour and always clear. Here the fourth developer studio tries its hand at the brand and unfortunately adds more negative than positive points to the mix. If you're interested in playing dictator you'd rather grab Tropico 5 and wait for the next offshoot with the homemade rum in your hand.

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Unscored - Truberbrook
Mar 21, 2019

Unfortunately, I didn't like Trüberbrook as much as I thought at first. The really charming artstyle and the great scenery are combined with a nice story, but technical weaknesses look out at all corners and edges. Whether it's the sluggish camera, the uninteresting opponent with the soporific voice or puzzles without inspiration. I don't want to punish all of the puzzles here by far, because some are really well guessed and have a crazy solution. However, the few negative examples are all the more important.

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Mar 4, 2019

If you had a lot of fun with Far Cry 5, you will appreciate New Dawn. The usual good gunplay and the traditional open world work for the chaos on the streets of Hope County again this time. The cross-references to part 5 and Easter Eggs to other Ubisoft games are also well placed and encourage you to continue playing. But that was it. Especially the artificial "intelligence" and the flat characters quickly spoiled the fun of the game.

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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a very good strategy game and I had a lot of fun with it during the whole season. The fights are challenging (also for veterans of the genre), the story is interesting and exploring the zone is rewarded with new weapons and better equipment. The only thing I'd like to see in the next part of the series is a little more content. Apart from the campaign and a few occasional trips to secondary areas, there's not much to get.

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Dec 10, 2018

The few deep and very well written quests unfortunately get lost in the paper and terminal clutter. The loss of human NPCs is a bitter blow to the apocalypse. But the game world is filled with so much love, details and little stories that it would be quite ignorant not to visit the shooter RPG again. Maybe in a month or two, when the biggest bugs have been fixed and the first DLC has been released.

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Apart from the almost forced grinding and the microtransactions behind it, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is the hammer! The sheer size of the world, the interesting and mostly very entertaining quests as well as the attention to detail make this game a real gem. For days I sneaked through enemy fortresses, killed leaders, chased wild beasts, climbed mountains and never got bored. The varied possibilities and well written dialogues were always very entertaining. I particularly liked Socrates with his stories and poems. Ubisoft can do that easily. The world holds you captive and it's very hard to get away from it. The "Just one more mission" principle opens up again and causes dark circles in the eyes on the next working day. And the humor ... I can't emphasize it enough. The little gags and Easter Eggs for attentive players (visual or sound) made me laugh a few times. Considering that I had mostly focused on the story and had already spent 40 hours in the country, you can imagine what it means to complete all the side missions, special tasks and hidden puzzles. If you want to get a lot of gameplay for your money, you can hit here without hesitation!

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Sep 11, 2018

I enjoyed the espionage setting, the turn-based stealth action, and the assembly of the puzzle pieces. I often had a hard time getting off the screen because I just wanted to solve this one case quickly or started another mission quickly. If patches are applied here and a little more time is invested in the next title, an up-and-coming game forge could celebrate its final breakthrough.

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