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Innerspace VR, MWM Interactive
Apr 20, 2021 - HTC Vive, Meta Quest, PlayStation VR

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Maskmaker Trailers

Maskmaker | Pre-Launch Trailer | MWM Interactive. thumbnail

Maskmaker | Pre-Launch Trailer | MWM Interactive.

Maskmaker | Announcement Trailer | MWM Interactive | Innerspace VR | Available Spring 2021 thumbnail

Maskmaker | Announcement Trailer | MWM Interactive | Innerspace VR | Available Spring 2021

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Critic Reviews for Maskmaker

I really enjoyed my time Maskmaker. Puzzle games like this can easily lead to frustration, but Maskmaker is a thoroughly inventive VR puzzler that walks the line very well. It's a tad short, but I think it might be better that way as it doesn't outstay its welcome or overuse any mechanics. I'd love to give it a better score and it's an enjoyable VR puzzler, but with a few fiddly bits and some pretty serious bug that forced me to restart the whole game, it's lost a couple of points.

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Maskmaker feels like it's going to give you full control over the game, then it takes it away from you and does it for you. The parts it gives you full control over, however, tend to be exceptionally tedious. The crafting system is great when the game wants it to be, and I loved exploring every nook and cranny that the game had to off, but in short, while the game feels like a bedtime story, ultimately it's just that --- there's not much lucidity that you'd expect from a VR game, and it feels more like an on-rails experience.

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It’s set-up is ludicrous, it’s biomes are beautiful but sparse, and it’s story is convoluted; but even still, I enjoyed Maskmaker and I recommend you take up the chisel and mallet and experience it for yourself. There’s a clever and unique use of VR in this game that make it worth trying on, despite everything.

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If you are patient and OK with playing a slower-paced game, Maskmaker is definitely worth a look.

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Maskmaker isn't a bad game by any means, but it is generic and restrictive in what it allows players to do. Making masks and exploring the world can be immensely enjoyable at times, but the game seems intent on stopping the player from interacting with those elements with any regularity. What's here is a strong foundation for future pursuits, but in its current form, Maskmaker feels a little too lackluster to recommend to anyone who isn't a dedicated VR aficionado looking for their next title amongst the genre's somewhat limited options.

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When Maskmaker shines, it shines bright to the point I had a beaming smile on my face. It’s just a shame these moments only tend to pop up towards the very end. If you’re looking for a circa five-hour VR adventure with some magical moments, you could do worse. Just don’t expect a groundbreaking VR experience.

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7 / 10

Maskmaker is the new virtual reality game from French studio Innerspace after the very successful A Fisherman's Tale. It tells the story of an apprentice creator of magic masks and his master, while the player infiltrates their secret workshop. Maskmaker is above all an artistic work of quality, both visually and in terms of the soundtrack, with full dubbing in French. However, we regret that the puzzles are not more complex, everything is rather too easy and agreed, even when it comes to making the keepers interact with each other to progress.

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That’s not to say Maskmaker doesn’t standout on its own, it does. All things considered, at a $20 price point for a 4 or 5 hour experience, it’s hard not to recommend for someone looking for a pretty good story, average-ish VR gameplay that’s casually difficult (though sometimes a little frustrating), and solid presentation thanks to fine artwork and voice overs. If you’re in the market for an experience like that, Maskmaker is worth considering.

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