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Firepunchd Games UG, Devolver Digital
Mar 24, 2022 - PC, Oculus Rift

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Tentacular - Gameplay Trailer | Out Now

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Tentacular | Reveal Trailer | Quest & Steam VR

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Critic Reviews for Tentacular

Tentacular does not take itself seriously but offers a real original scenario around a series of challenges to be met in a charming universe that will amaze you.

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Overall, this is a real charmer of a game. It plays with the real scale of a world in VR to create an engaging experience. Oft times I found myself smiling like one would with a Nintendo Mario game. Tentacular is available on Meta/Oculus and Steam VR.

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I gotta say that Tentacular is vastly different from what I thought it was going to be based on the trailers I’d seen. And this is very much a wonderful thing, because like I said I’ve played lots of games focused on destruction; which I initially thought this was. But much to my delight and surprise, Tentacular turned out to be a wonderful, heartfelt game that touches on things like being adopted, and being different and how those differences can really be a boon to those around us. Developer Firepunchd Games did a wonderful job with creating Tentacular. I very much enjoyed the gameplay but most of all the story was so touching and the sense of discovery as you peel back the mystery of the kaiju’s origins is very well done. If you need a break from constant destruction, Tentacular might be the fresh sea breeze for you.

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Don't be fooled by the somewhat goofy exterior of Tentacular, as what lies beneath its surface is a crafty and unique physics puzzler with a wicked sense of humor and a well-done story that cleverly has you work with the limitations of your massive kaiju body.

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Get your slimy appendages ready to grab this with all of your suction cups, because throwing shipping containers and launching rockets into space with your own hands has never been more fun.

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Tentacular shows how well VR can be done once you stop limiting it to exercise, combat, and rhythm-based genres. The puzzles are simple to understand, and the presence of a timer doesn't make it frantic. Your floppy tentacles and the finicky physics can lead to some frustration, but all of your tasks are still possible. The presence of room scaling and analog stick movement makes the title accessible for many setups. It's all done with an adorable aesthetic and a runtime that feels meaty - even before you include the playground. Tentacular is a fun experience for VR fans who are looking for something calming, different and fun.

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Tentacular is not exactly a groundbreaking achievement in physics-based puzzlers or VR gameplay, but it was still a pretty fun time, all things considered. It’s cute, it controls well, it’s funny when it needs to be, and it features enough comfort settings to please all kinds of VR users. It might have a few annoying issues here and there, namely its camera controls and lack of replayability (outside of its average-at-best sandbox, that is), but I’m beyond pleased with Devolver’s latest foray into VR gaming.

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For a VR title, Tentacular has the right length of gameplay and is a heartfelt, lovingly designed indie project that I had a lot of fun with in the seven hours of play. If you want to blow stuff up, fire rockets, or just stack blocks, you'll definitely get your money's worth. Tentacular remains varied and always provides new challenges.

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