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Nov 29, 2022

When starting out you may have thought Land of the Vikings was a Banished Clone, it’s not at all. Yes it shares some resemblances including (and mentioned in the Video) the music, the game itself isn’t.

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10 / 10.0 - Crusader Kings III
Aug 31, 2020

For fans of RPG, simulation, strategy games and previous Crusader Kings titles, this is a must-have. I have already seen people crying over on Reddit on how much they want the game to drop already. Bonus for Crusader Kings 3 fans who have Xbox GamePass for PC that’s available on day one too. Now I did play the preview version and there were some tiny little niggles but not game breaking bugs, and which were confirmed on the Crusader Kings 3 discord are fixed when going live. With that in mind I’m going to award the Crusader Kings 3 the Platinum Thumb Culture Award!

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Oct 31, 2019

CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling IS the wrestling game I have been waiting for after the slew of WWE games that really hasn’t been great. Sure, Fire Pro Wrestling World is good but its a bit hardcore for those that are looking for some quick-fire wrestling action. With its button bashing simplicity but allowing you to do some amazing moves along with fighting with your makes. I hope the Online play gets busy as this game will be doing some high flying manoeuvers off the top ropes. For this, I’m going to give CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling a Thumb Culture Gold Award

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8 / 10.0 - Pagan Online
Aug 28, 2019

Controller issues aside, Pagan Online has great potential for the long haul and to be up there in the ARPG go to’s with the likes of Diablo. The community on Reddit is active and so are the developers and with gold around the corner, I can see the player base becoming bigger. With Thunder and lightning raining down, I would give Pagan Online a Thumb Culture Gold Award.

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8 / 10.0 - Sea of Solitude
Aug 18, 2019

Sea of Solitude is a great game, albeit short. I found this game can get very intense and every once in a while had to take a break as some of the encounters you have can be quite hard-hitting and really shines a light on loneliness and how it truly affects the mental health. With a great price point on each platform, this game is worth picking up and playing through as this can really help people who are also in similar places. With that, I will give Sea of Solitude a Thumb Culture Gold Award.

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10 / 10.0 - Madden NFL 20
Aug 11, 2019

If your an (American) Football fan and don’t own Madden 20, why not? This game is perfect to go hand in hand while the season starts and to get over the post-Super Bowl blues. There’s a lot of fun to be had, hard tackles to be made and way too many hail mary’s too. If you on the fence about it and not convinced, grab an EA or OPrigin access for a month, download it and play it, you really won’t regret it as its the best football you are going to get this year. I give this the Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

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Jun 2, 2019

The story mode is a fantastic experience with a great mechanic when using your abilities with your character. This can be easily enhanced with future DLC’s and expansions to keep the single-player story going. The online experience is going to really help once you end each storyline to continue the adventure and hopefully have a good end game to keep returning. I can’t wait to pump in many hours into this game with the lore of Warhammer by its side and will give this game a Thumb Culture Gold Award.

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May 16, 2019

I feel once you have played the story, there’s little re-playability as you know will know the ending and how it plays out. Its a very story driven game and this is where DLC’s and expansions are going to help enhance it and keep building on the world down the road. However, from someone who doesn’t pick up a single player/office game, I loved this game. It keeps me very immersed in the story to the point I had to take breaks before facing the world again and continue on with Amicia’s story. I highly recommend playing this game and from that, I award A Plague Tale: Innocence a Thumb Culture Gold award. Now, lets get back to contiuning on Amicia’s adventure!

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10 / 10.0 - Tropico 6
Apr 23, 2019

If you like constructer builder games, Tropico is perfect as you will soon rack up hundreds of funfilled hours before you even know it. Just trying to get a beautiful piece of paradise seems so far away but after a few hours, your dreams will become a reality and become the greatest El Presidente ever or, there will be a revolution and you will get overthrown. Either way, new or old to this genre and franchise, Tropico 6 is absolutely fantastic and well deserved the prestigious Thumb Culture Platinum Award and can’t wait to carry on with my island of paradise.

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Feb 19, 2019

I have been enjoying every moment of it and I'm kind of sad that I let the first one pass me by but very glad I have the opportunity to play this. I just wish I had more time as the amount of fun and hours I can put into this game are endless. This can get some series ground with the ranked matches and could prove a worthy title in the competition scene too. If you are remotely interested in RTS games, I can't recommend this enough as you can be easily taken by and start daydreaming during the day on taking command of your fleet once more.

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Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition Is certainly a 'marmite' type of game: You're going to love or hate it. If you're a fan of the previous instalments this should be on the "must play" list as there is quite enough depth to the game to keep you occupied for hours. However, if you're not a fan of an almost endless mob killing extravaganza then I would stay clear of this game as it really won't last long and you will end up playing something else.

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8 / 10.0 - Battlefield V
Dec 20, 2018

Battlefield V is an absolute joy to play either by yourself or even with buddies. The squad system is more than enough to keep you engaged in the game with the visual spectacle of the battlefield and superb audio in your ears, this game is only going to get better over time. What makes this a good Battlefield is that you can have many hours not only in multiplayer mode but in single play too.

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