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Land of the Vikings

Laps Games, Iceberg Interactive
Oct 9, 2023 - PC

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Land of the Vikings - Official 1.0 Release Trailer thumbnail

Land of the Vikings - Official 1.0 Release Trailer

Land of the Vikings - Announcement Trailer - Gamescom 2022 thumbnail

Land of the Vikings - Announcement Trailer - Gamescom 2022

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Critic Reviews for Land of the Vikings

Land of the Vikings is a fresh new addition to the city building genre that breaks the mold with a gridless building feature. You can place your buildings, farms, and roads in any way you see fit, which allows for fantastic customization. It balances day to day managing of your Vikings out perfectly, making once tedious tasks in the genre a breeze. With excellent graphics and superior attention to detail, Land of the Vikings should not be missed if you are a fan of city builders. I cannot wait to see how this game progresses, and am thoroughly impressed so far.

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Land of the Vikings is a beautifully done survival colony sim that takes the genre to the next level with gridless building. The ease of managing your village and the simplicity of the UI are very much appreciated. It makes the hassle of doing mundane tasks for your village so much easier. The art, music, and attention to detail is phenomenal. Being able to build a village in any way I want is so much fun. You will be challenged throughout your game, all the while having a relaxing time watching your little Vikings go about their daily lives. Land of the Vikings is a masterpiece, and I highly recommend it!

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The game seems a little ordinary at first, but then it shows a complex, well-designed Viking settlement simulation, culminating in the planning of war expeditions. In the later stage, it will exhaust its possibilities and surprises, and it is a pity that there is no story, but it is definitely an interesting experience for fans of building strategies.

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Land of the Vikings is a nice little city-building game that rediscovers the genre with an added taste of strategy and micro-management. It might not be the best game of its genre, but it is guaranteed to give you hours of fun if you decide to press the “Buy” button.

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The final echoes of the Viking horn resound with a mixture of satisfaction and a yearning for more. Land of the Vikings embarks on a voyage to encapsulate the Viking ethos within a city-building scaffold, achieving a serene yet engaging gameplay experience. However, the game’s reluctance to venture into the deeper waters of strategic complexity and narrative engagement leaves a trail of unexplored horizons. With a more polished narrative, enriched combat mechanics, and a more layered progression system, the game could transcend from being a calming voyage to an exhilarating exploration of Viking sagas entwined with the intricacies of city-building.

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Land of the Vikings has a great premise and much potential to become a stand-out city builder. However, it still is several patches away from becoming a noteworthy classic. Lap Games absolutely needs to improve the game’s performance and add many more quality-of-life features. Diehard fans can still consider Land of the Vikings while it is in Early Access.

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When starting out you may have thought Land of the Vikings was a Banished Clone, it’s not at all. Yes it shares some resemblances including (and mentioned in the Video) the music, the game itself isn’t.

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The quality of Land of the Vikings is all over the place. Sometimes, it provides quality game design; sometimes, it falls apart without noticing it. The generic gameplay with a Viking theme is a bit lackluster, too. I wish they focused on the Viking aspect by researching their proper ways to live in the Northern areas rather than just giving the theme of Vikings and turning it into any other city-building simulator with strategy elements. I see a lot of missed opportunities for the title, but I am sure the developers will start taking action when feedback about the 1.0 release starts rolling in.

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