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Arad, Romania

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  • Persona 4 Golden
  • Journey
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Based in the United Kingdom, Eduard is a literature graduate with a profound love for video games and everything Spider-Man. When not too busy coming up with silly nicknames for his Pokémon, babbling about Star Wars to anyone who will listen or playing every JRPG under the (golden) sun, he can probably be found hunting for the next internet meme or trend.
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Although seemingly marketed towards the casual gamer, behind the cozy pixel art style and soothing soundtrack of Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story lies a complicated and grindy crafting RPG best enjoyed only by the most devout fans of the genre and/or the parent title.

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Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story fails to be an engaging puzzle-platformer and fails to deliver an emotional, heartfelt story about a child and his Yeti best friend. Considering the performance woes when playing the Switch version, too, this is a song best left unheard.

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Oct 27, 2022

There is heart behind New Tales From The Borderlands, however in trying too hard to be like its predecessor, it really only succeeds at being an inferior imitation.

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9.5 / 10.0 - Neon White
Jun 15, 2022

As suggested by its tagline, ‘made by freaks for freaks’, this game might not win you over if you are not already interested in speedrunning, puzzle-shooters and/or anime-inspired visual novels but, if you even slightly happen to be, Neon White is a bona-fide cult classic with a genre combination made in heaven.

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6 / 10.0 - FIFA 22
Nov 4, 2021

It is hard to recommend buying FIFA at all this year. Like no other yearly release in the franchise, FIFA 22 is a game of thin margins.

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May 20, 2021

Due to a myriad of technical hiccups, finicky controller support and some uneven changes, Disco Elyisum - The Final Cut is disappointingly not the best version of this otherwise sophisticated and ingenious game.

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Aug 12, 2020

In its current state, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is funny, thrilling and a joy to play, but as with many games like it, future content will be key in deciding whether it’s a long-term success like Fortnite and Rocket League. For now, though, anyone with a PlayStation Plus subscription would be doing themselves a disservice to not at least check it out — and those on other platforms are sure to get a fair bit of fun out of it as well.

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Destroy All Humans! is worthwhile only to the small number of people who have enjoyed the original and no longer have access to it. As for those who have previously slept on the original game, there is nothing here to prevent you from doing the same this time around.

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Superhot: Mind Control Delete, for owners of the original, is a freebie that is at least worth checking out. As for those yet to get their Superhot fix, Mind Control Delete is an unessential standalone expansion and a much less attractive proposition than the first game or its VR counterpart.

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