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8 / 10 - Audica
Nov 15, 2019

PlayStation VR isn’t hurting for good experiences, but it’s time to throw another on the stack.

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6 / 10 - Habroxia
Oct 10, 2019

Overall, Habroxia is a neat little arcade title with some cool ideas.

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5 / 10 - NHL 20
Oct 3, 2019

NHL 20 sees Franchise mode take a welcome step forward, while other areas have either remained the same or actually gone backwards. The new commentary makes it clear that different does not mean better, and all the slick new animations in the world can't hide poor AI. We feel like a broken record saying this, but the NHL series is in sore need of a comprehensive revamp.

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Sep 26, 2019

Despite its short length, this is still very much a trip worth taking.

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Aug 13, 2019

Ancestors Legacy makes a comfortable transition to console, serving up an RTS experience that plays superbly and looks the part. Minor technical issues and a moderately cluttered UI do little to detract from the overall action, which is strong across all of the release's main modes.

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Aug 9, 2019

The downside is you’ll probably never have an interest in revisiting the title after that initial foray.

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Aug 1, 2019

A brief, but memorable experience is at the core of Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot. Downright stunning environments serve as a backdrop to exploring the streets of 80s infused France. Between the solid performance level and the fluid controls, this is Bethesda's best excursion into virtual reality. Given how well the title succeeds at pretty much everything it sets out to do, we hope that this is step one to a fully fledged Wolfenstein VR title down the road.

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6 / 10 - Telefrag VR
Jul 22, 2019

While Telefrag VR might be light on content, what is there is fairly impressive. Each of the game's maps and weapons have strong identities that set them apart from one another, and the gameplay is exciting as well as polished. But ultimately, we're just really worried that not enough people are going to show up and play. Finding a match proved tricky almost immediately, and if this trend continues, there may not be reason to add content going forward, which is not what the title deserves. Prove us wrong. Please.

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7 / 10 - Luna
Jun 20, 2019

While lean on content, Funomena delivers a bite-sized title that offers one of PSVR's more meditative experiences. Extremely relaxing, the title's puzzle, art, and music work in concert to deliver a title that had us smiling from beginning to end. The game has such a warm sincerity that it's nigh impossible to not get swept up in its charm. If you're on the fence, but have PSVR, the recommendation to pick it up is a no brainer.

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Jun 8, 2019

If you're a fan of hockey, this is not a game you want to miss. Given how long EA's hockey titles have remained an underwhelming exercise in repetition, the fact that Super Blood Hockey approaches the frozen sport with such creative spark is incredibly refreshing. An oddball genre mashup that blends fighters with hockey even better than NHL Hitz, this is a delight. With a razor sharp sense of humor, and great, concise gameplay, this title manages to sneak an awful lot of quality into a small package, while still allowing room for its goofier moments to breathe.

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