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God of Rock

Modus Studios, Modus Games
Apr 18, 2023 - PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

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6.8 / 10
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Critic Reviews for God of Rock

Watching your favourite game genres make out sounds exciting, but God of Rock doesn't quite nail it. It leaves a game that feels at odds with itself, sometimes fun to play but mostly frustrating or uninteresting.

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With a little more polish, God of Rock may prove itself to be a worthwhile rhythm game title yet. Unfortunately, in its current state, it feels like more of a swing and a miss than a headbanging hit.

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Despite its bonkers idea, God of Rock is likeable, although its mechanics can be confusing and overcomplicate things at times.

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I give God of Rock credit for trying to combine rhythm games and fighting games together and while I do think there is potential with the idea unfortunately the execution here isn't as good as it could have been.

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God of Rock has to be one of the worst attempts at combining rhythm games with other genres. While the game has a solid foundation, it really doesn't have much else as it fails as both a rhythm game and its fighting game aspects feel more like an overcomplication of something that already works well in other versus rhythm games.

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God of Rock is an interesting experiment that works sometimes. I do wish I could focus more on the action at the top. I also hate that I have to retrain my brain with the button combos and get frustrated when I miss notes as it usually leads to me failing and having a hard time getting back into rhythm. Still the idea is sound, the characters are excellent, and I really had fun with this one. A little more polish and this could easily become a whole new genre.

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While the AI will soon find you too much to handle, even at higher difficulties, the online component is where the specials really shine. The strategy of choosing when to slot your attacks in becomes paramount. It’s easy to lose the rhythm of the song if you get too cocky. As long as the game can nurture and maintain a player base there should be ample reason to keep coming back to God of Rock time and time again.

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God of Rock is an interesting concept blending rhythm and fighting game elements, with some elements being executed better than others. On the rhythm side, the large soundtrack, complex note patterns, and vibrant visuals offer a good experience for those who excel at multitasking. On the fighting side, the combo system may feel familiar but less satisfying because of so much attention needing to be had on the note chart rather than the visually striking character dishing out damage. I am excited for the future of God of Rock, because once this ends up in the hands of creative community members, I'm sure that the competitive experience will be wild.

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