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General Information

Available on:HTC ViveAug 21, 2019
PlayStation VRAug 21, 2019

Developer: Signal Space Lab

After the tragic death of their 5-year-old son, a family struggles with his loss and attempts to mend their frayed bonds. Experience the struggle through the child’s ghostly eyes and explore Afterlife’s multiverse of different realities as the family acknowledges his absence, or presence, in their own lives. Using a cutting-edge VR filming technique, Afterlife takes you through a 360 VR branching narrative that seamlessly reveals a story that shifts based on the characters that you choose to follow and the objects you activate within the environment. KEY FEATURES Witness the void that death leaves behind in an interactive virtual reality drama Shape the story by choosing which character you follow Navigate and interact seamlessly in a rich 360-3D virtual reality live-action narrative No two playthroughs are alike: this branching story has 3 episodes, 29 unique choices, thousands of unique playthroughs and multiple endings CHOICES MATTER Grief is uncomfortable, but our choices move us forward or leave us stuck. For this reason, in Afterlife -just as in real life- intended and unconscious choices matter and will determine how the story unfolds. Follow characters, discover objects to interact, and reveal different paths. BREAKTHROUGH THE VOID AND BE PRESENT!

Afterlife Critic Reviews

An impressive framework for a seamlessly interactive experience, devalued by the uneven melodrama played out on-screen.

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Perhaps I am missing the point here, but nothing was fun, nothing was engaging and everything was painfully boring to watch. This game single-handedly drives home the fact that 360-degree video experiences are not the future of video games, especially when it feels like a hugely amateur production with horrible attention to detail with their own intellectual property.

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Afterlife falls into those cracks between game and cinematic creations and is worse for it. Without a UI or any indication on how to experience its branching narrative without blindly stumbling through it, it fails as a VR game. Without the set cinematic frame, of the direction that all standard movies have, you can miss some of the better moments in the because it’s going on behind or to the periphery of your vision. The performances and the more powerful moments of this experience make it easy to see it has been nominated for a number of high profile awards – but for me, this virtual voyeuristic experience lacks the clarity provided by the staples of either medium to really capitalise on its more powerful moments.

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7.5 / 10.0
Rob Pitt

The concept of Afterlife is very interesting, combining FMV with hands-free choices whilst within VR. I’d say the producers did a great job of seamlessly transitioning you down the various pathways as I didn’t even realise there were branches until the timeline popped up. However, the lack of trophies for the ‘gamers’ and low-quality compressed video file reduced my overall enjoyment of this experimental experience, despite actually enjoying the story and being immersed at all times (once I turned off the subtitles so the 3D-mode was enabled).

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