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The Last Survey

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 7, 2020

Developer: Nicholas O'Brien

Publisher: Nicholas O'Brien

Genre: Interactive Story

The Last Survey is a narrative essay where you take on the role of a geologist contracted by a Brazilian mining company to survey rare earth metal reserves. Rare earth metals like nickel, silver, cobalt, and platinum are used in most major electronics including PC parts, green technology components, and almost all mobile devices. However, after a year of conducting your research, you've found that there is not enough of these metals on the planet to sustain industries reliant on current supply chains, and you must deliver these findings to the company's CEO, Victor Ferreira. Based on studies and projections from real-world geoscientists and mineral analysts, recent findings show there isn't enough mineral material on the planet for the growing demands for electric cars, high efficiency fuel cells, solar paneling manufacturing, and even some of the components used to play & produce this game. Will your choices help steer the direction of your employer away from global mineral fatigue? Or will the urgency of your research fall on unsympathetic ears?

The Last Survey Critic Reviews

The Last Survey is a two (arguably one) man play about justifications and the failure of modern liberalism to try to both hold on to capitalism and appear sympathetic to our concerns. It holds you in this limbo and dares you to justify your way out.

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