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Snake King

YeTa Games
Sep 10, 2020 - Nintendo Switch
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3 / 5
Rapid Reviews UK
1 / 5
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Critic Reviews for Snake King

The Snake King wears the classic Snake formula on its sleeve which offers a solid albeit sometimes trite arcade-style adventure.

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Just like the original Snake on the old mobile phones The Snake King offers some novelty fun in small gaming bursts. But lots of repetitive levels and lack of gameplay variation make this a hard one to recommend. A shame really as there was a lot of room here to build on the gameplay. Instead we have a rather hollow experience that’s feels like the original game its based on but with a new lick of paint and nothing more.

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The Snake King replicates the classic gameplay loop of Snake while altering the formula. Instead of the classic Snake gameplay, The Snake King features one hundred and fifty levels where you maneuver through obstacles and collect apples. Collecting every apple will spark joy in players as they traverse the five worlds.

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