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Great Conqueror: Rome

CIRCLE Entertainment , CIRCLE Entertainment , EasyTech
Dec 13, 2019 - Nintendo Switch, PC
Fair Man

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Critic Reviews for Great Conqueror: Rome

In Great Conqueror: Rome, Circle Entertainment promises to bring a deep historical narrative and exceptional battle simulation to Nintendo Switch. Is it a good fit for fans of war games? Let's spend time with the title to determine if it lives up to the Roman legacy, or if it just reminds us of Caligula.

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Great Conquerer: Rome may not be the best tactical sim out there, but it's a solid game that's fun to play. It offers plenty of tasks to perform, places to see, enemies to kill, and territories to conquer, placing its strategy gaming value well above the asking price.

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I am disappointed that the history is such a light brush that it’s barely present and I walked out of Grand Conqueror Rome with little better understanding on where to begin learning about ancient Rome than I had going in, but for most people that won’t be an issue. What they will get is more than enough tactical strategy action to last them for many months to come.

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