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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchSep 10, 2020

Developer: Cateia Games

Publisher: Ocean Media

Genre: Strategy

Long ago, in a land before time, there was a forest. For as long as you can remember, a tribe of humans lived safely there. Their village was small but the tribe was happy. But then, everything changed! For mother nature is unpredictable sometimes... Will you help Sam and Crystal and their family to find a new place for the entire tribe? In this fun and colorful time-management game you will explore, guide the tribe, build, gather resources, overcome obstacles along the way and enjoy the tale of family, friendship and courage! However, be aware not everyone really has honest intentions. There are people who only strive to power and wealth. There are some who think the tribe should obey their orders, no matter what the orders are. - Help Sam and Crystal and their family to find a new home - Explore the prehistoric era and meet peculiar characters - Stop the bad guys from ruining tribe's happiness - 40 exciting levels to master and hundreds of quests - Find hidden treasures and win achievements - 3 difficulty modes: relaxed, timed and extreme - Step-by-step tutorials for beginners

Caveman Tales Critic Reviews

Cavemen Tales isn't as good as its predecessor-the theme's weaker, and the characters are less appealing. Mostly, being an untimely reskin, it just can't have the same impact that Country Tales had.

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Just like its country bumpkin counterpart, Caveman Tales is a barebones simulation game that can be good to wind down with.

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Looking back at Emily’s review of Country Tales, I couldn’t help but notice how similar the games are. It’s just a new theme, but the rest of the gameplay seems the same. I can only confirm what she concludes: if you like these kinds of games, and want to have another fix of making the right choices to get it all done, this is a nice new one. It doesn’t however add anything new to the genre. For myself, I can conclude I like management games of the city builder type better. Because of that, I am going for a neutral verdict.

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