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Her Majesty's Ship

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchSep 15, 2020
PCJul 12, 2019

Developer: Every Single Soldier

Publisher: Ultimate Game

Genres: Adventure, Action, Simulation

RISE THROUGH THE RANKS TO FLEET ADMIRAL! In this resource management game, you Start your career as a Captain on a 3rd rate Ship of the Line, then work your way up to become the next Admiral of the Fleet.The primary objective of the game is to be promoted to Admiral of the Fleet, without having any mutiny nor losing the vessel. The player will receive tasks from the admiralty which will need to be executed in order to get the desired promotion. LOOK AFTER YOUR CREW AND PREVENT A MUTINY AT ALL COSTS The Navy doesn't take lightly to having a crew mutiny onboard one of their vessels, its a career limiting move.Along the way, the player will be challenged with various tasks and tempted with targets of opportunity, whilst keeping the crew happy and not ending with a mutiny.

Her Majesty's Ship Critic Reviews

If you really want to try your hand at captaining a Ship of the Line, go ahead and give Her Majesty's Ship a try. But because of the game's focus on frustrating micromanagement, you may want to keep a weather-eye on the horizon for something better.

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Her Majesty’s Ship feels like a direct port from PC with little or no conversion work carried out on it for its release on the Nintendo Switch. Playing the game for this review proved to be a frustrating experience, to say the least. Her Majesty’s Ship, in my opinion, could be a decent game if the control and menu problem where fixed to make it a less frustrating experience. As it is at the moment I can only say my score is….

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