Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure

7 Raven Studios , 7 Raven Studios , Totalconsole

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Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchOct 22, 2020
PlayStation 4Nov 27, 2020
Xbox OneOct 22, 2020

Developer: 7 Raven Studios

Publishers: 7 Raven Studios , Totalconsole

Genres: Fighting, Arcade, Puzzle

"Rusty Spout is a lonely but honest pirate. He sails around the world looking for new adventures and always helps people in need. Cocco the evil pirate has kidnapped all the children from Rusty's village. Now, he needs you to help him defeat Cocco and his monsters. Navigate with Rusty Spout through five different beautiful worlds, each one with 10 amazing levels. Beat Cocco's monsters at the end of each world in an epic boss battle. Free all the children to unlock special characters. You can use them in either Endless or Battle mode."

Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure Critic Reviews

Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure is an attractive looking game that's taken a timeless formula and added quality-of-life options. I feared this would be a game I'd suggest passing on, but it's now turned into a recommendation for fans of this game style. While not every choice is to its advantage, $6.99 gets you a fun story mode, multiplayer, an endless mode, and more.

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All in all, Rusty Spout’s Rescue Adventure is a great little bubble puzzle shooter. Although, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel within its genre and is notably tricky. Making it a challenging entry point for new players into the puzzle bubble popping scene. It is a fun and addictive puzzle game with a charming soundtrack and art style and a difficulty level that will appeal to experienced puzzle gamers.

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Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure is a match three puzzle game. The player is given colored balls and must shoot them into the array above, matching the colors when possible. Fight through five different worlds for a total of fifty different levels and test your luck with an endless mode in Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure.

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Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure Official Launch Trailer

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