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General Information

Available on:PCMar 11, 2011
Nintendo SwitchDec 25, 2020
Nintendo 3DSMay 14, 2010

Developer: Gaijin Games

Publishers: Gaijin Games, QubicGames

Genres: Action, Platformer

Race across the Moon, kicking down crystal walls and sliding under chomping moon-slugs! Bound through the Robotic Mines and face off against the MinerMech! Dash through the Big City on a quest to find friends and defeat the final boss together! - Control CommanderVideo as he runs, jumps, kicks, and slides his way to victory! - With exciting modern and retro challenges, you can dash your way through more than 50 levels! - Easy, medium, and hard difficulty modes - 20 bite-sized challenges separate from the main game - A boppin’ chiptune-inspired soundtrack with special guest Anamanaguchi! Join CommanderVideo in BIT.TRIP RUNNER, his most incredible journey yet!

BIT.TRIP RUNNER Critic Reviews

BIT.TRIP RUNNER holds up pretty well for an indie game from 2010. True, its sequels have spoiled us with checkpoints and leaderboards. But this more modest entry comes at the more modest price of $4.99, making it a worthwhile purchase for fans asking for a challenge.

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And honestly, what Runner has done now is made me look forward to the Switch port of Runner 2 coming next year, because I prefer its art style and it has checkpoints. Even if they are optional. Runner's still my favorite of the original BIT.TRIP series but if you pick up Runner you get a big discount on the other ones so it may be better to explore those instead.

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