Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Sephiroth DLC

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchDec 22, 2020

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Fighting

Sephiroth, armed with his ruthless Masamune sword and a desire to destroy, joins the Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate game as a part of the Fighters Pass Vol 2 DLC! This silver-haired swordsman is Cloud’s arch nemesis and one of the most iconic villains in gaming. Don’t be fooled by his chillingly calm demeanor, Sephiroth can deal some white-hot damage.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Sephiroth DLC Critic Reviews

Although a big target, Sephiroth is a lighter character than expected and when facing him that can be exploited. This, along with the delay following a lot of his moves are the main ways to defeat the One-Winged Angel himself. When playing as him, he's a fun and powerful character who can dole out dangerous attacks from a distance and has a lot of combo potential. The other elements of the DLC have drastically improved the last time we saw Final Fantasy VII represented in the game and even though the stage is a bit dull, this Challenger Pack was a pleasant surprise that will bring us all as much happiness as Sephiroth will likely bring despair to the Super Smash Bros roster.

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Sephiroth does play like other swordsmen in the game, but his long-range and explosive projectiles will make him stand out. He does have a few drawbacks that can make him less desirable like his charged attacks that can leave him wide open or his uninspiring grabs that lack range. Saying that Sephiroth's shortcomings are meagre compared to what makes him great. The One-Winged Angel is a great addition to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster with enough depth to become a deadly force.

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