War Truck Simulator

Dev4play, Ultimate games, Dev4play
Nov 22, 2017 - Nintendo Switch, PC
Serial Gamer Italia
6.2 / 10
Rapid Reviews UK
2 / 5
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War Truck Simulator Media

War Truck Simulator (Short Gameplay from tutorial) thumbnail

War Truck Simulator (Short Gameplay from tutorial)

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Critic Reviews for War Truck Simulator

War Truck Simulator should not be for sale in the state that it is in. There was a huge missed opportunity here to make something different and original but all the game ends up being is an awful PC port. It’s a reminder of why quality control is essential for game development. Do not buy this.

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In conclusion, we are faced with a simple work but with ambitions: the developers have focused a lot on the gameplay, which is genuinely fun and engaging, with its ease and directness. On the other hand, the graphics sector is the main limitation of the product: however technically stable, the glance is heavily sacrificed and honestly crude: a second side of the coin that is really dark and punishing. War, on the other hand, is war and substance will always be more important than form. We might as well get on board the truck and start doing our job.

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The simulator genre has certainly been busy over the past few years. Farming Simulator has made a name for itself through its emphasis on realism and “hard work”. Meanwhile, Goat Simulator is a deliberately nonsensical parody, turning the genre on its head.

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