Otti the House Keeper

Maksym Vostruhin, Ultimate Games, Maksym Vostruhin
Aug 25, 2020 - Nintendo Switch, PC
Rapid Reviews UK
2 / 5
Nindie Spotlight
5.7 / 10
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Otti the House Keeper Media

Otti: house keeper | official trailer thumbnail

Otti: house keeper | official trailer

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Critic Reviews for Otti the House Keeper

Otti the House Keeper may not be the biggest looker but its gameplay has some interesting ideas that make for an enjoyable blend of tower and defense and puzzle. Sadly the Otti port to Switch is not as strong as PC. Control issues, both touch and button based, make the experience more frustrating than it should be. Look at the PC version which seems like it could easily run on most laptops. It also has a free demo on Steam but be careful with the Switch version.

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Otti: The House Keeper has a simple concept with a take on the tower defence genre mixed with a few puzzle elements; you’re tasked with keeping thieves away from your treasure by placing various traps and fixtures to stop them reaching Otti at the very top of the map. There does seem to be a bit of confusion surrounding the title of the game. The console reads as “Otti House Keeper” whereas the Switch eShop page titles it “Otti: The House Keeper”. For the purpose of this review I’ll be using the latter.

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Games that are expressly made for tablets and are suited to casual players are always tough to review fairly for a dedicated console like the Switch...

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