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Available on:PlayStation 4Feb 17, 2015
PCMay 29, 2015
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: MichaelArts

Genre: Puzzle

Lost in an intimate snowy town, a palette of individuals are in search of a mysterious artifact said to bring great knowledge and understanding. Lead each character through their quest in this collection of minigames, each with unique personalities and challenges... Pillar is a collection of minigames, where each game represents a different type of personality we find in people. Each personality is expressed entirely through the gameplay mechanics, without cutscenes or dialogue. All too often, we try to change people who are different than us, especially if they're polar opposites. We like to debate and tell them they're wrong and we're right... but what if there's a purpose for both extremes?

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A promising concept with muddled execution. It alternates between mystifying allegory and largely irritating gameplay

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To me Pillar is a game that simply exists, and even then I don't see it having an appeal to a broad audience. I really like the premise that Michael has come up with – wanting to set a game based on personality types – but I don't think that idea is fully explored here. Some of the puzzles are fun while others aren't. I don't want to say that Pillar is a badly put together piece of work, because it isn't, and clearly love went into the project. However, it isn't a fun puzzle game, and feels like a missed opportunity.

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Pillar should be applauded for its hand painted art style and atmospheric soundtrack, though ultimately it doesn't deliver on the promise of its unique setup. While the gameplay ties into various personality traits in some interesting ways, the puzzles are nowhere near challenging enough, allowing you to power through most of what this title has to offer in just a few hours. As a result, unless you have a penchant for unique indie titles, you won't need to take a test to work out that this probably isn't the game for you.

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All in all, Pillar is a very good game. It's pretty, charming, original in its execution and its obvious from the get-go that it was designed with a love for video games and a passion to do something different with them. Basing a game around the Myers-Briggs test (a test I had to take in my day job when I first started) and the personality types associated with it was an interesting idea and I think Mr. Hicks should be applauded for his inventive spirit and his want to make something that stands out from the crowd. We need more things like this in the gaming world.

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