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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 12, 2021

Developers: Anglerman, Moonana

Publisher: Moonana

Genre: RPG

In Osteoblasts, you play as a spooky scary skeleton raised from the dead by a mysterious Cat Witch in a journey to find purpose. You get to choose a class and go on frightening adventures battling your nemesis - the Dogs - who unburied you from the depths below. You'll be faced with various quests, meet friendly skeletons, travel to spine-tingling dungeons and fight monsters to get stronger. The entire world has class-specific quests and several randomized elements that will change as you visit them again. But beware - as a sinister skeleton wandering about, not everyone will accept you. The dead aren't as welcome as they should and it's not even halloween yet. FEATURES: Single character, multiple classes, items, abilities and spells. Randomized loot affixes which change your skills when equipped. Multiple Endings. Barebones battle system. Heartless story. Braindead hard difficulty.

Osteoblasts Critic Reviews

My time with Osteoblasts was a mixture of confusion, frustration, intrigue, challenge, and laughing at the absurdity of what was going on or what I was battling with. While I had fun in some instances, I spent much of my time sighing as I missed yet another attack that would extend battle for another minute or so. There is a lot to like in the game, but it feels like it’s laser-targeted at the crowd who enjoys wandering around dungeons in a masochistic rage. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of dungeon RPGs, Osteoblasts didn’t quite click with me. That said, despite being a game about skeletons, it certainly has a lot of heart.

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Gabriele Malacasa
3 / 5.0

Osteoblasts starts with the right ideas and manages to keep up a good pace for a while, but stumbles a bit before the finish line.

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Unknown Author

The game certainly has an original premise and the interesting systems of character customisation made for some unique and challenging battles. I just can’t help but wish there was a bit more meat on these bones.

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