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Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction

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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 15, 2021

Developer: RLR Training inc.

Publisher: RLR Training inc.

Genres: Simulation, Adventure

Super Seducer 3 is the follow-up to the super massive hit game Super Seducer 2 which was the follow-up to the hit game Super Seducer. Join Richard and his friends on a brand new seduction adventure. Super Seducer 3 uses a brand new re-engineered Seduction Engine 2.0 to deliver the most advanced dating tactics yet. With a focus on both humour and hard-hitting psychological advice, you will be a better man and have lots of laughs once you finish the game. By using the skills that you learn in the game, your social life will be taken to the next level IRL. Currently confirmed levels are: Get Her Into Bed: A level focused on the final stages of a seduction, from date to house and how to smoothly and respectfully escalate things. This level has been hugely requested since Super Seducer 1, and we are happy to finally deliver it. Gym Game: You've been slyly checking her out as she does her squats and farmer's walks, but now it's time to stop creeping around and make a move. The gym offers the challenge of facing public humiliation, losing your membership, and getting attacked by name but a few. Successfully navigate these waters and the Instagram gym star could be all yours. Couple Seduction: You are out with your girlfriend and decide that you'd like to find another girl to spice things up. You are looking for a curious girl who likes the idea of a threesome. Can you respectfully and tactfully engage her and make the right moves to make her curious and attracted enough to try. Who should take the lead here, you or your girlfriend? The choice is yours. Favourite heroes from the previous Super Seducer games will return, along with all new heroes that lend a unique perspective, challenge, and laughs.

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Unknown Author
4 / 10

With complete lack of any steamy scenes, inane sexism, and weird choices, Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction feels like a relic of the past. Besides some boring dialogues, this game can't offer much else.

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I don't know if Richard's advice works, but that's beside the point. Less important than its efficacy is the fact that it's manipulative, sleazy and degrading.

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In the opening title screen, Richard LaRuina is portrayed wearing Jedi-like robes akin to Star Wars, and this is apt because Super Seducer 3 is definitely the Return of the Jedi to Super Seducer 2’s Empire Strikes Back. Though this third entry loses some of the racism and sexism from its predecessor, it also loses much of the grandiose spectacle and the sobering balance of a female perspective on the hornball protagonist. Unless you’re willing to wade through plenty of creepiness and tedious attempts at dating advice to laugh at Richard’s oddball antics, I wouldn’t recommend a purchase here. Richard LaRuina sees himself as a master of the art of pick up, but Super Seducer 3 is a game you’ll probably want to put down.

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Super Seducer 3 would be good fun to play with a couple of friends on a boring night or to make fun of with some lady friends. Other than that though, my hope is that any particularly lonely gamers don’t use Super Seducer 3 as a blueprint for finding companionship.

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