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Pile Up! Box by Box

Seed by Seed, HandyGames
Mar 18, 2021 - PC

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14 / 20

Pile Up! Box By Box offers a good platformer that suffers from some inaccuracies due in particular to a sometimes capricious camera and a slight lack of ambition in terms of puzzles that are varied but far too simplistic.

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Pile Up! Box by Box is a colorful, fun puzzle platformer for the family but there just isn’t enough of it to last. Figuring out different ways to solve each world’s puzzles is enjoyable, there are tons of collectibles to hunt down, and there is some fun mini-games. The downside is that you’ll need local players to enjoy this to the fullest even if the core game is playable solo. If you’re looking to play as some cardboard boxes and solve some puzzles with the family it can be worth a look.

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‎Pile Up! Box by Box is a game that offers what it promises, family fun without much difficulty. It shines in its design and art, although in the gameplay it is a game that does not stand out although it does not disappoint as long as you do not ask for more than it can give you: platforms, simple puzzles and a well-designed cooperative mode.‎

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No matter your age, there’s plenty of fun to be had in Pile Up! Box by Box.

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Pile Up! Box by Box is not a bad family game, but it is a completely forgettable one. Despite the nice visuals and friendly artistic style, the level design and the puzzles do not live up to the promise. The control is not always the best, since the camera often plays tricks with your depth perception making jumping from shelf to shelf, somewhat annoying. The lack of danger and challenge, makes the game kid friendly, but the lack of online co-op is hurting the entire package..

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It's not the best multiplayer 3D platformer that has you play as a cardboard box out there but Pile Up! Box by Box is still a solid game for friends who want to cooperate while enjoying an adorable and laidback puzzle-filled adventure together.

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Pile Up! Box by Box is a 1-4 co op platform game. It can be played solo or with friends with four worlds to explore. This game is a fun entertaining friendly game that I would recommend to anyone who likes co-op or is new to co-op. It has a few quality of life issues, such as a lack of a map, and the jump button not quite being up to par when crucial, but has lots to do for it’s short run time that can still pack a good night in gaming.

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Pile Up! Box By Box is a multiplayer game best experienced without max participants.

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