Where's Samantha?

Respect Studios, ROKiT Games Limited
Mar 24, 2021 - PC
5.5 / 10
Pure Nintendo
8 / 10
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Where's Samantha? Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Where's Samantha?

Love is powerful, and a driving force for George as he sets out for a strange world in search of his beloved Samantha. Something about the absurd setting rings eerily familiar, filled with familiar objects and clones abound. Does it mean anything? Will finding Samantha only be the beginning of George's struggles?

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Where's Samantha is a charming title about true love between two scraps of fabric. The clever puzzles will keep you busy as you enjoy a journey through a cloth-based world.

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Overall, Where’s Samatha? is an enjoyable puzzle platformer for all audiences. It does feel a little slow at times and keeps things very casual. This feels like an ideal game to sit down and play with a child or young person with its storybook approach and cute appearance. But whatever age you are, this is a game that is designed to make you smile and possibly give warm fuzzy feelings. So buy this and enjoy it with a loved one. But if you don’t, go hug someone anyway because we could all use a warm fuzzy feeling.

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