Traffic Jams

Vertigo Games, Little Chicken Game Company

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Traffic Jams

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General Information

Available on:PCApr 8, 2021
Oculus RiftApr 8, 2021
HTC ViveApr 8, 2021

Developer: Little Chicken Game Company

Publisher: Vertigo Games

Genres: Action, Simulation

TRAFFIC JAMS In this wacky VR game, control traffic your way in the face of outrageous events, flagrant road rage and up to 4 non-VR friends in party mode! Starting out on a quiet corner in a small town, job offers start pouring in from around the globe. Guide rude pedestrians, impatient drivers, and the occasional meteorite along before road rage strikes. Sound easy? Think again! This wacky VR game is full of monsters, (un)natural disasters, and something called… ‘cheese bowling’? In Traffic Jams, you’ll be taken under the wing of Dennis, the self-proclaimed world’s best traffic controller… EVER! Armed with dreams of superstardom, a sassy attitude and fresh dance moves, he will take you on a jam-packed global adventure on the road to friendship. Made it to the top in career mode? Keep your VR headset cool as up to 4 non-VR friends turn up the heat in (couch) party mode! Career mode: Control traffic your way - around the globe! Easy to pick up, hard to master: Traffic controlling may seem easy; it isn’t! Wacky challenges: Each city introduces its own events, ranging from pesky to outrageous Party mode: Join up to 4 non-VR friends in party mode!

Traffic Jams Critic Reviews

I should mention that Traffic Jams does have a multiplayer component, but it isn’t very appealing. Up to four non-VR players can join you via their cellphones, but their roles are limited and frankly, I don’t see this being a popular way to play. Traffic Jams is, at it’s core, a single-player experience but even then, it is a rather thin one. While there are some fun and clever ideas here, and a few hours of genuine fun to be had, there’s just too much sameness to the experience to keep you coming back. But if nothing else, Traffic Jams’ arm-flailing madness could be a decent way to do a daily 30 minute workout if you’re looking for a change from your usual fitness routine.

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Traffic management in the palm of your hand/s! But it may not be as easy as it seems.

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Traffic Jams VR | Launch Trailer [ESRB]

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Traffic Jams | Destinations Trailer [ESRB]

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