Alchemist Adventure

Bad Minions, Super.com
May 20, 2021 - PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
IGN Korea
6 / 10
7.5 / 10
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Alchemist Adventure Trailers

Alchemist Adventure [Official Trailer] thumbnail

Alchemist Adventure [Official Trailer]

Alchemist Adventure - Learning with Earth - Guide thumbnail

Alchemist Adventure - Learning with Earth - Guide

Alchemist Adventure - Learning with Water - Guide thumbnail

Alchemist Adventure - Learning with Water - Guide

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Critic Reviews for Alchemist Adventure

The game allows the player to come up with creative alchemy combinations and explore the possibilities into new discoveries and problem solving. The immense amount of possible results may be the downside element of the game. The auto-save feature is a bit unreliable in critical situations. The UI isn’t quite user friendly due to the complex mechanism of the alchemy. If you’re going to try and complete every alchemy combination, bosses and sub-quests, it will roughly take around 7 hours to complete the game.

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I have to say with all my niggles I had fun with Alchemist Adventure. I generally liked what this game was going for. Hopefully, the developers will continue to polish up this game post-release because hidden within all of the difficulties I had is a true gem of a game. Just in its current state, right now you need to put up with some rough design choices.

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Alchemist Adventure is a mechanically complex game that features provides players with tons of options in combat and puzzles. It also features a fairly engaging story and some varied environments. However, a lack of polish, especially in the visuals and confusing tutorials brings down the experience a bit.

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