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Rift Racoon

eastasiasoft, Ratalaika Games, Marcos Game Dev
Nov 1, 2019 - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One
5 / 10
Hey Poor Player
2 / 5
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RIFT RACOON Release Trailer (Steam)

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Critic Reviews for Rift Racoon

Rift Racoon was not the fun raccoon platformer I was expecting it to be. Even at a modest price point, it’s hard to recommend this game even as a coffee title. There are far better difficult but rewarding platformers out there in the gaming ether. But unless you have an obsession with raccoons and games that make you want to throw your Switch down the stairs you may want to approach this with caution.

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It is a shame that Rift Racoon’s levels weren’t a tad longer and the controller issues prevented a more balanced outcome. Just tweaking the control scheme slightly and spending a few more seconds clearing one extra obstacle, or even having something more to unlock with the gems would’ve elevated the game from “OK” to “Pretty Great”.

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If you don’t mind an excessive challenge partially contributed to by awkward controls, you may still find something to love here. For everyone else, though, you’ll want to shoo this raccoon away.

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