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May 26, 2021 - Nintendo Switch, PC
Mighty Man

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Critic Reviews for Sumire

A beautiful love letter to Japanese games and culture with a simple but heartfelt narrative from start to finish that's both comforting and life-affirming.

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Sumire is an emotionally charged adventure, with some unexpected dark moments to keep you on your toes.

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Even though some parts may be arguably scary for children, important lessons are to be learned and beautiful artwork to be appreciated. With good replayability but no fast-forwarding enabled, you may not immediately feel the urge to start a new game. Still, someday if you feel like picking up a heartwarming tale and giving Sumire the worst day of her life, the game will be there, ready for your poor choices.

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Sumire is a beautifully told and emotionally resonant story about a young girl struggling to find reasons to be hopeful. A well-paced narrative full of character-driven growth delves deep into themes such as loss and growth, while its watercolor art style and acoustic soundtrack paint a beautiful picture of rural Japanese scenery. A charming world and simple but fun puzzles add variety and are almost enough to forget about issues like frame rate dips. Ultimately, Sumire makes the most of its brief runtime, and it's a day trip I won't soon forget.

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Sumire is a beautiful game, but it is not for everyone.

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Sumire is a visual novel adventure that should appeal to anyone who has experienced loss or just ever felt disconnected from the world. It's perhaps over too quickly for the price, but it's an enjoyable, fulfilling adventure while it lasts.

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Sumire is a short, yet charming and bittersweet story of a perfect day and a magical adventure

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What makes up the "perfect day"? For young Sumire and her magical friend Flower, the desire to meet a lost loved one spins into a journey of redemption and hope. Join them in a colorful narrative adventure across town, ticking items off a special bucket list along the way.

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