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PlayWay, Cool Tool Studio, ▲ Pyramid Games, Ultimate Games S.A.

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Castle Flipper

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 26, 2021

Developers: Cool Tool Studio, ▲ Pyramid Games

Publishers: PlayWay, Ultimate Games S.A.

Genres: Action, Simulation

In Castle Flipper you have the unique opportunity to become a medieval builder. Build your own kingdom and customize it to your liking. You start on your own inherited piece of land. Work as a craftsman to clean, repair, build and decorate medieval, renaissance and baroque buildings and castles. Visit beautiful locations, breathe new life into old rooms and as you know - hard work pays off - so maybe one day you will become the King? Explore new locations Do you want to see what the castle chambers look like in different locations? By completing quests you will have the opportunity to visit many beautiful lands where in addition to castles you will have the opportunity to clean, clean, build, renovate, repair and decorate sheds, barns, huts, houses, mansions, palaces and even pirate ships! Become a designer! Design the surroundings of the castle. Choose and plant trees in the courtyard, place animals in the crofts. Choose the shapes and designs of flags and pennants. Destroy the walls! Don't like what you've already managed to build? Don't worry! Destroy the walls and start over! Manage reconstruction! It takes a lot of effort to rebuild a conquered castle. Repair shattered walls, bridges or towers. You will have to put a lot of work into the reconstruction of the conquered castle. The game takes place at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, so in addition to the usual Medieval buildings, you will also find some Baroque and Renaissance elements that add variety to the gameplay and give you more options for interior decoration.

Castle Flipper Critic Reviews


12 / 20

Castle Flipper had immediately posed as an explorer of the "Flipper" genre, with the promise of doing much more than a "medieval House Flipper". And it's partially held. The game offers a different approach to the craft of craftsman-decorator but retaining all the heaviness of this kind of game.

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Muddy graphics, repetitive missions, and persistent technical failings make Castle Flipper a historical building simulator in dire need of renovation.

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Hey! You! Yes you, the dashing individual reading this review. Are you increasingly becoming dissatisfied with modern life? Do you long for an age where you could profit from your own hard work? And do you frequently look in disgust at the ruins of a once-mighty tower and think “I could fix that up”? Well now, you can! All thanks to Castle Flipper, a quaint little simulation game that lets you live out your wildest medieval home makeover dreams.

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Castle Flipper adds a fresh twist to the burgeoning builder genre by providing puzzles and personality that make a seemingly empty world feel surprisingly alive. With the power to build not only immense castles but tiny towns teeming with signs of life, landlords and landladies will quickly come up with a treasure trove of backstories for their kingdoms in Castle Flipper. Complete with a musical score that feels right at home in a cozy Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Castle Flipper pleases now and promises more later. Claim your throne with Castle Flipper (or in the very least clean up after those lazy peasants) on Steam today.

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