Nature Matters

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchJun 4, 2021

Developer: Digital Melody

Publisher: Ultimate Games

Genres: Adventure, Puzzle

Set off on a puzzle-filled journey to save the planet and experience a compelling tale of friendship, sacrifice and redemption. In "Nature Matters" you take on a role of a little plant spirit. Without protection, surrounded by a city that grows up from everywhere, one day she realizes that she is completely alone and won't be able to survive. The only solution is to find her caretaker - a little boy who has been caught up in a whirlwind of human weakness and convince him to take care of her again. During your journey, you will see different lands devastated by the destructive human influence. Solving the puzzles, with the sounds of relaxing music, you will have the opportunity to restore vegetation and colors in them. The unique graphic design will allow you to immerse yourself in a world that will remain in your memory for a long time. The "Nature Matters" project is a small contribution that the studio "Digital Melody" wants to make towards arousing social awareness of the threats that result from human neglect of the natural environment. As the creators say, if at least one person becomes more attentive to nature by experiencing this game, it will be a great joy for us.

Nature Matters Critic Reviews

Nature Matters is a great looking logic puzzle game, with relaxing background music. The perfect game to go with a nice cup of coffee in between your daily workload. Quick to jump in, do a few levels and jump back out again. A little more variance in the levels would have been appreciated, but overall, if you like your logic puzzles: be sure to check this one out. It’s currently on sale till June 16 in various country, so you could find lots of puzzle fun for a small price. After playing, you can judge for yourself if you are more attuned to nature!

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