Empire of Angels IV

SOFTSTAR Entertainment, EastAsiaSoft

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Empire of Angels IV

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchJun 24, 2021
PCDec 14, 2016
PlayStation 5Jun 23, 2021
Xbox Series X/SJun 23, 2021
Xbox OneJun 23, 2021
PlayStation 4Jun 23, 2021

Developer: SOFTSTAR Entertainment

Publisher: EastAsiaSoft

Genres: RPG, Strategy

For the first time since the series began in 1993, Empire of Angels arrives on console! As the latest entry in the storied tactical RPG franchise, this updated edition of Empire of Angels IV features lush 3D graphics, strategic turn-based combat and a huge cast of gorgeous female characters. Offering a fresh perspective on the history of Asgard, Empire of Angels IV reintroduces its lore, characters and mechanics with no prior knowledge necessary to enjoy this brand new adventure. Deep fantasy-themed political intrigue and the looming terror of war are balanced by light-hearted character interactions, slice-of-life humor, alluring designs and the ability to shatter your all-female opponents’ armor! Join the Namtar Investigation Team as they patrol the Land of Asgard to maintain order against a plague that drives ordinary people to mindless violence. After Niya, captain of the Valkyrie Kingdom’s legion, witnesses a shining orb fall from the sky, everything she understands about Asgard’s history and fragile peace is called into question. Accompanied by trusted allies as well as new friends, Niya leads the team in a world-spanning mission to uncover the truth, all as the mysterious plague threatens to tear them apart. Features: • Meet and enlist a large cast of female warriors. • Engage in turn-based tactical battles presented in lush 3D style! • Navigate the Land of Asgard with a detailed overworld map. • Customize your team with a variety of job classes. • Discover alternate narrative paths and endings based on your actions!

Empire of Angels IV Critic Reviews

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Of course, it would be unfair to expect Empire of Angels IV to be an equivalent experience to Disgaea, and I don’t. Empire of Angels’ strengths are its streamlined tactics engine and its fan service, and the game delivers both of those with exceptional proficiency. It’s just a pity that the localisation stops me from enjoying the characters as much as I think I might have otherwise – everything sense I have tells me that in its native language Empire of Angels IV would be quite the out-there good time. As it is, though, the game's just lucky that it's gorgeous enough and plays so nicely that it got its hooks into me anyway.

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Although I wouldn't put Empire of Angels IV in my top SRPGs, it's unique and enjoyable enough if you don't have anything else to play.

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Empire of Angels IV is a nice enough strategy game that does just enough for me to enjoy it, even if I did find myself sometimes wishing for a bit more meat on the bones. A cleaner translation, items / equipment, and a more interesting combination of characters and narrative would have helped elevate the entire package. What we still have is a fundamentally sound, relatively easy SRPG that can be enjoyed over a couple of dozen hours or so.

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Empire of Angels IV is a tough game to recommend to the players who live and breathe Strategy RPGs. The stripped back nature of the battle system has no real depth to it, and the constant backtracking to previous encounters to grind levels will be annoying and takes a shine away from the story and visuals. By the same token Empire of Angels IV is the perfect introduction for people who aren't used to the S-RPG genre. The battle system is straightforward enough to get the hang of and isn't complicated in the slightest - enemies are just tough enough to make you think about how to approach each battle and with regular backtracking to grind those levels, it's a good way of working out which heroines work well with your play style.

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