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General Information

Available on:PCJun 30, 2021

Developer: Emberheart Games

Publisher: Apogee Entertainment

Genre: Action

The greatest Secret Agent on the planet is back! Revisit the 3 original episodes in spectacular HD and guide Agent 006 to recover the Red Rock Rover project blueprints from the Diabolical Villain Society (DVS). Then help Agent 006 explore a hidden island in the brand new episode and uncover DVS's secret lair! Enjoy competing against all the Secret Agent fans on the new online leaderboards and collect a wide range of achievements along the way. Want even more excitement, no problem we are including an in game level editor with Steam Workshop support so you can create as many new challenging missions you want and share them with everyone! Help 006 recover the Red Rock Rover blueprints by guiding him through all 3 original episodes in HD! Uncover 16 Exciting new missions in the all new Secret Agent Episode 4, with challenging puzzles, action oriented hazards and rewards that will have you aiming for a spot on the top of the leaderboard! 7 New Enemies, 2 New Powerups, Breakable Blocks, Secret Level, and More! Be the first to earn all of the achievements including discovering the "Island Secret"! Challenge your friends to beat your own missions using our built-in level editor with full Steam Workshop support! New Difficulty levels of gameplay, Cloud Saves! New OST in the Classic Adlib style to tickle your nostalgic funny bone!

Secret Agent HD Critic Reviews

I played Secret Agent HD pretty flat out. I ate through the episodes hungrily until I hit the end. For all its flaws, it’s an easy game to get sucked into. The levels are just short enough that I fell into the “just one more level” trap. The inclusion of leaderboards, additional difficulties, and a level editor help extend the game’s lifespan and breathe new life into it.

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Secret Agent HD is the type of game that some will see as worthy while others will view as unplayable for the exact same reasons. It has lots of video game style and this rerelease comes packaged with not just more than the original, but the ability to make even more than that. Secret Agent HD is ultimately a mixed bag of “NES hard” clashing with modern sensibilities, while still always managing to show how legitimately fun it can be to play the super spy infiltrating the bad guy’s lair.

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