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Super Squidlit

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchJul 30, 2021

Developer: Squidlit Ink

Publisher: Squidlit Ink

Genres: RPG, First-Person Shooter, Platformer

Explore a wacky world of invertebrates in this game that imitates the Game Boy™ Color! Super Squidlit imitates the Game Boy™ Color's capabilities and limitations for a squishy adventure! The colorful world of Squishu and it's invertebrate inhabitants need your help! Play as Plip and your old foe, Skwit Skwot, as you set sail to banish a great evil. - Squip your way through the islands of Squishu as Plip, a wee squidlit that can double jump to ink on things below you! - Plip's new roll tackle lets you manipulate foes and gain a bust of speed! - Blast your way through enemies as the wizardly Skwit Skwot, GOD EMPEROR, in ray-casting 3D RPG levels! - Meet lots of goofy Squidlits! Like the first Squidlit game did with the Game Boy™, Super Squidlit adheres to the limitiations of the Game Boy™ Color: * No more than 10 sprites in a horizontal line * No more that 40 sprites at any time * 3 colors per sprite * 160 x 144 pixel resolution * 4 sound channels for music and SFX * All sounds were recorded on a real Game Boy™ Color!

Super Squidlit Critic Reviews

Super Squidlit is still far from being an amazing title, but considering how bland its predecessor was, I have to commend the developers for coming up with a vastly improved title that shows they have listened to fan feedback, introducing more collectibles, improving its overall presentation, and creating an overall more fun experience, with a lot more replayability.

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Nevertheless, games get bigger as they’re followed up on, and with hidden buttons to collect, pages to find, and secrets to discover, this game will take significantly more time to go through than the original Squidlit, leading to Super Squidlit to be worth the asking price. The variety in gameplay, the bigger scope, and continuing the funny and charming nature from the first game all leads to a worthwhile experience that fans of the Game Boy Color should check out, despite some details in need of fine tuning.

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