Super Squidlit

Squidlit Ink
Jul 30, 2021 - Nintendo Switch
7 / 10
Seafoam Gaming
7 / 10
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Super Squidlit Release Trailer

Squidlit Trailer thumbnail

Squidlit Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Super Squidlit

Super Squidlit is still far from being an amazing title, but considering how bland its predecessor was, I have to commend the developers for coming up with a vastly improved title that shows they have listened to fan feedback, introducing more collectibles, improving its overall presentation, and creating an overall more fun experience, with a lot more replayability.

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Nevertheless, games get bigger as they’re followed up on, and with hidden buttons to collect, pages to find, and secrets to discover, this game will take significantly more time to go through than the original Squidlit, leading to Super Squidlit to be worth the asking price. The variety in gameplay, the bigger scope, and continuing the funny and charming nature from the first game all leads to a worthwhile experience that fans of the Game Boy Color should check out, despite some details in need of fine tuning.

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