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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchAug 5, 2021
PCJan 22, 2021

Developer: Jonathan Calsolaro

Publisher: Forever Entertainment

Genre: Platformer

A mysterious curse has turned your human body into a small mushroom and your world is invaded by molds, but not all is lost! The faith of the forest is threatened by evil forces. Your new form comes with new abilities. It's up to you to break this spell and save the forest, maybe you'll even get your humanity back! "Smashroom" is an indie platform-adventure. The main character is a small mushroom with the ability to explode at will, making his way through the levels of the game. The explosive-skill can also be used as a "mid-air jump" and part of the level design revolves around this characteristic. Another important feature is the simple "level-up" system the player can use to improve specific skills, such as the attack rate, the defense, and the special elemental damage. New skill-levels can be reached by collecting points that are obtained from enemies, boxes and destructible rocks.

Smashroom Critic Reviews

Although Smashroom was at times too difficult for my liking (and/or abilities), it’s a pretty solid game. Killer art, great music, fun mechanics and combat, and an engaging level-up system make for a fairly polished experience. If I had to find something to nitpick about (other than the difficulty), I’d say that the controls don’t always feel as tight as they could. Sometimes it feels like you’re li’l shroom is a touch too floaty or slide-y when he shouldn’t be. And while it may not stand out as one of the greats of the genre, Smashroom is still a fun experience that platformer fans will likely enjoy.

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