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General Information

Available on:PCAug 24, 2021

Developer: Noiseminded

Publisher: Noiseminded

Genres: Adventure, Horror

The world is silent.People hide behind closed doors.You must deliver the tapes to them. NIGHTSLINK portrays the story of a lone deliveryperson tasked with recording, transporting, and delivering audio cassette tapes to an apartment building inhabited by reclusive and strange individuals. It is clear that something horrible has overtaken this world, and you can sense it getting worse by the day. As the darkness seeps into the liminal spaces of yore, truths will be revealed. NIGHTSLINK merges PS1 era graphics with cinematic aesthetics to deliver a harrowing story of fear, isolation, and utter hopelessness. Although a playthrough takes about 20-30 minutes to conclude, the game’s imagery and mysteries will stay with you longer. Get immersed in a mysterious and horrific world of fear and isolation. Uncover what is happening in the world of NIGHTSLINK by interacting with very strange individuals. Explore environments inspired by the nostalgic horror games of old. Navigate a crafted narrative punctuated with secret interactions and strange occurrences. Be transported to surreal and nightmarish atmospheres by the gorgeously harrowing dark ambient music.

Nightslink Critic Reviews

Nightslink is a bite-sized experience, but it has successfully used its short run time to lodge itself into the back of my brain.

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Sometimes we wake from a dream and wish we could recall its details. Sometimes we're trapped in a nightmare and wish we could wake at all. Nightslink feels like a bit of both.

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