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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchAug 27, 2021

Developer: BaldrickSoft

Publisher: Viktor Domonyi

Genre: RPG

It offers the immersive atmosphere and experience of old school role-playing games. Relive the fun of classic RPG games inspired by dungeons and dragons, realised in rich 3D environments, and with a deep, captivating story. Discover an enigmatic realm, saturated with ancient magic and myths - epic legends are forged as you venture into this offline role-playing game! Your adventure will lead you beneath ruined towns, through grim, eerie dungeons... and towards monsters lurking in the ghostly half-light. Forces of darkness have invaded the realm, but some survivors from the kingdom of Harten still resist their fate, preserving the secrets of their ancestors' magic. Join the mission to restore liberty and enlightenment to this fantasy land! The kingdom's glory may be faded and its treasures buried, but hope for changing the course of history has not been completely lost in the darkness of the dungeons... and the rewards for your efforts will be great! In the Moonshades RPG: - Epic adventures where mythical beasts and fantasy creatures come to life roaming a massive, cryptic dungeon environment. - Equip yourself for battle and find the best strategies to attack your enemies' weak spots. - Thousands of upgradable items (weapons, armor, accessories) - and use miraculous artifacts to make them stronger! - Action and story-telling both play vital roles as you complete quests and puzzles, just as in classic role-playing games. - Fight in real-time combat for fabulous loot, magical items, and otherworldly abilities! - Learn devastating, protective or healing spells and skills, and master their status effects in order to advance! - Roam around a fantasy world, follow your insights, and keep a close watch out - sometimes help might come from surprising sources, so don't leave any paths unexplored! - Discover the traces of other adventurers... talk and trade with NPCs during your quests, and search for hints to solve puzzles. - Reimagine a mythical past through uncovering the haunting memories of fallen heroes! Find the scrolls of Harten and Aesthirya to unearth legendary episodes from the history of a great empire. - Beware of cunning and deadly traps in the labyrinths! - Experiment with the wonders of the Magic Forge: make powerful potions, enchant your equipment, and craft epic legendary items and relics! - When the moons align, experience adventures in the grim labyrinth of the Arcane Dungeons, questing for marvelous treasures! I believe we don't have to say farewell to the gems of classic dungeon crawlers and role-playing games - even in our hectic modern world - and with Moonshades I am trying my best to deliver their spirit and charm, while bringing them up-to-date. I'm a great fan of role-playing games like the Eye of the Beholder, Might & Magic, Wizardry, and Dungeon Master, and these great classic RPGs kindled my creative spark for this personal fantasy challenge: Moonshades. Being the long-held dream of an indie developer, Moonshades is constantly shaping and growing with the aim of reviving the excitement of those memorable RPGs. I have a myriad of ideas for quests, puzzles, and various adventures for this old-school RPG that I would love to share with you. I'm keen to avoid the common mistake of focusing only on my favourite aspects and so potentially miss the goal of creating something great along the way! As such, I'm always open to your views and ideas!

Moonshades Critic Reviews

I don't have much else to say about Moonshades. You know if you're the target market for it or not just by looking at it. If you are, then aside from some cumbersome controls and a generally generic approach to the genre, Moonshades is a perfectly decent effort that will scratch an itch. If you're a more peripheral fan of the 'crawler, or new to it all, I'd recommend something like Operencia or Hyakki Castle first. Both of those titles are far more vivid and creative efforts. Without a long history in 'crawlers yourself, unfortunately, Moonshades will likely be befuddling.

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Moonshades: a dungeon crawler Role-playing game for Android and iOS

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