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Beyond Mankind: The Awakening

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 31, 2021

Developer: Brytenwalda

Publisher: Brytenwalda

Genres: Action, RPG

In the year 2121, Earth is in the last stages of a nuclear winter. A new species dominates the frozen landscape of ruined cities and devastation. The new megafauna, quickly evolving in the cold and radiation, has made the world even more dangerous. The remnants of civilization are faced with an existential dilemma: whether to keep hope in humankind and embark on an uncertain war to regain Earth, or to simply accept the slow extinction of a failed species. Visionaries emerge, but it is far from clear whether following them will lead to glory or destruction. The species is at a crossroads, and the consequences of all options seem dire. It is into this relentless, frozen, and violent world that you awaken, newly born of the Techno-Womb and engineered for success, with implanted memories from a century before. You could be just one more of the hundreds that rummage through the ruins for lost treasures or tirelessly train for a war that may never come, but fate holds a surprise that will change everything. Beyond Mankind: The Awakening is an Action RPG taking place in a post-apocalyptic world. The game sports a mature and deep narrative, rich exploration, tense combat, and immersive RPG mechanics.

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening Critic Reviews

High concept horrible execution.

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Beyond Mankind: The Awakening has few redeeming qualities. The story is nothing new, the gameplay has pacing issues, and the presentation is generations out of date. There are plenty of indie games out there that showcase innovative gameplay and moving storytelling for a relatively small fee, and with the bar that high, Beyond Mankind: The Awakening fails to even make the jump to try to meet it.

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A tribute to the past with very good sense, with a great capacity for immersion and a gameplay much more complex than it seems.

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