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Antonball Deluxe

Proponent Games, Summitsphere
Mar 5, 2021 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Antonball Deluxe

Antonball Deluxe is, overall, a tricky game to review. As a solo game it's an easy pass, but on multiplayer we can see it clicking with the right group. It didn't set our world alight, but its simple charms may just work for you and your mates.

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Combining the block-breaking hook of Arkanoid and the simple platforming of the original Mario Bros., Antonball Deluxe is a great hook wrapped in a tiny package that is best experienced with a group of friends.

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Antonball Deluxe is a fun, addicting, and mildly frustrating arcade-style game with witty writing and great sound effects. The character voices and background music fit in with the iconic soundtracks of classic games. There are 69 unique phases that challenge players with varying levels of difficulty. Even with the minor control issues, the diverse gameplay and nostalgic atmosphere make Antonball Deluxe a fun and addicting retro-style game.

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Antonball Deluxe is a fun, addicting, and at times a frustrating game, especially when the difficulty ramps up. Adults should enjoy the retro feeling of its arcade style with throwback graphics and great retro sound effects. As Antonball Deluxe helps you relive your Nintendo 8-bit days the question is are your reflexes still top-notch to take on this delightful platformer?

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Hey Poor Player

Bobby Houston
3 / 5.0
Hey Poor Player

Antonball Deluxe is a wonderfully retro and niche title that will appeal to old school gamers. There are elements that leave a lot to be desired: difficulty options, and more incentive to unlock characters wouldn’t go amiss. That said there are three diverse game modes on offer and at the very least Antonball’s simplicity allows it to be enjoyed as some light entertainment if you’re traveling or have an hour to kill.

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Antonball Deluxe is a package of retro-inspired goodness that will scratch that arcade itch.

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Bat and ball games are not for everyone but if you do have a love for the genre there is fun to be had with this title although non fans will not get much joy I suspect. The solo mode could be better but the co-op is where the game does well and for a couple of hours play there is definitely enough to make this a worthwhile purchase for a low price. The platforming game element is a neat twist. This is a decent game that does what it needs to do well whilst not setting the world on fire.

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