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Sep 30, 2021 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

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Critic Reviews for eFootball 2022


No Recommendation / Blank

It certainly isn’t a matter of a lack of talent at PES Productions. I don’t believe for a second the developers don’t know how to make a better game than this - we need only look at the last few PES games for evidence to the contrary. These are vastly talented, experienced, passionate people, working as best they can on a deeply flawed concept with a spectacularly poorly communicated plan. They don’t deserve chastisement on social media, though they’ll inevitably get it. But equally, eFootball 2022 still doesn’t deserve your time yet.

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Yes, at least eFootball 2022 does now have a fully-fledged mode to take it past the point of being a demo, but it's still lacking so much more than you'd expect from a 1.0 version of a game.

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In PR terms, it's the world's costliest public beta. There's a lithe control system in the wreckage, but it'll take many updates to dig it out.

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A shameful launch of a barely playable, graphically embarrassing game that shames the memory of PES and may have killed the new franchise before it's even begun.

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A disastrous start to the post-PES era. The only consolation? It surely can't get any worse from here.

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Ultimately, eFootball 2022 is a disaster at launch. It's a buggy, unenjoyable mess with limited gameplay options that strip back the core strengths of the PES series, and the fact that it was released in this state at all is shocking. Konami may bring in fixes as it implements further free-to-play updates, but even then, the question over eFootball 2022's worth will still need to be repeatedly asked.

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While changing game engines is likely to prove useful down the line, the initial launch of eFootball as a F2P platform comes off as a mediocre, watered-down football experience far below the expectation of Konami.

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Launching a game, even free-to-play, in such a sorry state is a total lack of respect for the user, and in this case, for the history of the once best soccer franchise.

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