Shadow Corridor

NIS America, KazukiShiroma
Mar 8, 2019 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Shadow Corridor Trailers

Shadow Corridor - Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch) thumbnail

Shadow Corridor - Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

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Shadow Corridor - Announcement Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

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Critic Reviews for Shadow Corridor

When I’m playing Shadow Corridor, I can’t help but get random chills while walking down every one of its dimly lit hallways. Even the open outdoor areas manage to give off unsettlingly claustrophobic vibes. I do think the game is probably best experienced on PC, but if you’re on the go or a glutton for punishment and feel like playing in the comfort and safety of your own bed, Shadow Corridor on Switch will provide you with a great survival horror experience. Just don’t blame me when you have nightmares.

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Shadow Corridor is a fun Japanese horror game. Perfect for Halloween and any late-night sessions alone or with a group of friends. The controls are smooth and easy to pick up, the jump scares are very effective, and the music elevates everything within this game. My main concern is the replayability the game promotes isn't as strong as I initially hoped, but that doesn't impact the overall experience too much.

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An interesting visual and audio design, ultimately let down by the shallow gameplay and poor controls.

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If you don't mind reloading over and over again whenever you're trying to outrun a spirit, Shadow Corridor can be a viable horror game.

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Shadow Corridor is a low-budget, digital haunted house experience that delivers exactly what it promises and is good for a night of spooky fun as a novelty experience.  It’s thrills might not be enough to sustain the experience past the first few levels, but the experience provided by the early portion of the game might be worth the low price of entry alone.

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Despite its flaws, Shadow Corridor may be the finest experience the indie horror genre has to offer.

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For a budget horror title, Shadow Corridor isn’t as bad as I expected, but it certainly isn’t a good game. The core gameplay loop of searching for items through a variety of dull environments whilst avoiding enemies gets old stupidly quickly, especially when you add the tons of frustrations this game throws onto you into the mix. This horror title is better left ignored.

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It’s hard to believe that this game was built by just one person, considering the level of polishing and the amount of contents are extremely well made. This horror-adventure game had set a semi-rogue-like aspect of randomizing the item placements each time you’d restart from each death, whereas in normal horror games, it just becomes a memory test, everytime you’d restart the same level. The visuals aren’t the highest of its calibur but it fits right in with the whole concept of the atmosphere. Sound quality is also top notch. Since the controls are strictly keyboard & mouse so there may be some clunkiness to the movement. Nonetheless it serves as one of the best horror-adventure games for the fans who are in for a challenge.

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