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NASCAR 21: Ignition

Motorsport Games
Oct 26, 2021 - PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

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Critic Reviews for NASCAR 21: Ignition

If you're looking for a fun and simple racing that doesn't require a deeper knowledge of the sport or its cars' inner workings then Ignition is perfect. If you're looking for a sports game that is going to occupy the bulk of your gaming time for the next 12 months, then probably not so much.

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It's hard to recommend NASCAR 21: Ignition in its current state, and it will probably play best a little bit down the road after Motorsports Games gets all of the technical issues worked out. There definitely are some good elements to make for a fun experience, and when the game cooperates enough to allow players to experience them, the driving and overall presentation of a NASCAR race are enjoyable. While there's potential to be a good game, the frustrating amount of bugs combined with a scaled-back amount of content makes NASCAR 21: Ignition a disappointing racing simulator in its current state, with a caveat that future patches may help improve its standing somewhat.

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There are some things here that are positive foundations. However, 'NASCAR 21: Ignition' has just missed the racing line and slammed the outside wall.

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NASCAR 21 Ignition provides a sufficient, no-frills NASCAR-themed racing game with little else going for it.

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In its current state NASCAR 21: Ignition isn’t a game worth playing no matter how much of a diehard racing fan you are. You’re better off sticking with last year’s NASCAR Heat 5 until major updates are made to a game that should’ve been delay.

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It’s hard to recommend NASCAR 21: Ignition, even if you’re a die-hard NASCAR fan. There’s just not enough content here to warrant the price tag, especially considering that the experience at the core of it can be described as decent and nothing more. This is perhaps a good base for Motorsport Games to work from, but until then, you’re better off sticking with the better, and now a lot cheaper, NASCAR Heat 5.

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It’s hard to recommend NASCAR 21: Ignition in its current form. A $60 price tag doesn’t feel justified for the lack of features in this package. There is hope, though, as the racing is still quite good, the graphics look stunning, and the overall fun of being on track is there. But as with every NASCAR release over the years, that can only take you so far. If there was ever a year to skip a NASCAR title, it’s this one. I do look forward to NASCAR 22 in the hope that Motorsport Games nails it. After seeing and feeling what they provided for racing this year, it’s obvious they have talent over there; it just needs to be a more complete package.

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I adore Motorsport Games, and the talent that has come on board is very strong. Their passion and ability will never be questioned in my mind. That said, unless you are fine with racing a series of short "race now" races and have zero expectations of anything more, I couldn't recommend this title unless some serious patches are dropped in the very near future.

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