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Let's Build a Zoo

No More Robots, Springloaded
Nov 5, 2021 - PC

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God is a Geek
8 / 10
95 / 100
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4.5 / 5
8 / 10
Push Square
7 / 10
Gaming Nexus
8.5 / 10
Nintendo Life
8 / 10
Pure Nintendo
8.5 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Let's Build a Zoo

With animal fusion and a fantastic morality system, Let's Build a Zoo brings some great new ideas to the tycoon genre.

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I hope that the future of Purrasic Jark is bright, and not filled with escapees mauling my guests like those "other" dinosaur theme parks. My experience with Dinosaur Island has been very relaxing, at times downright funny, and not too overwhelming. A lot of sim games, and especially some sim games in the same genre, like to over complicate things. Let's Build a Zoo: Dinosaur Island is just the right combination of giving you enough to manage without making things hectic. I had an absolutely wonderful time over the long weekend enjoying every aspect of this charming title, and I look forward to playing some more.

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Regardless of whether you're just dipping your toes into management simulators for the first time, or you're a hardcore experienced management tycoon, this game has something to offer you. Let’s Build a Zoo: Dinosaur Island is the sort of simulator you load up for half an hour only to look at a clock when you’re done and realize you’ve lost half a day.

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Overall, Let's Build a Zoo is an in-depth and delightful tycoon management sim. Its mechanics are detailed, going above and beyond to create an enjoyable experience. Players will get lost in decorating their habitats, and revel in the difficult choices that shape their zoos. There is no denying the love and dedication put into crafting the game, and it is a true treat to play.

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Still, with enough humour and its fun game mechanics, Let’s Build A Zoo will have you sinking hours into your park, if you can get past its poor UI and lack of guidance.

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You begin with nothing; what you make is up to you. Let's build a Zoo allows players to be as creative, or not, as they want. Design a layout that feels more like a theme park, or tourist trap if you want. Be the leading zoo breeder in the world if that's more your thing. The vast array of in-game options allows the imagination to make your zoo whatever you want it to be. The game's controls make it a little harder to bring your vision to life. Let's Build a Zoo does a poor job of showing you all the possibilities, but if you can get through the semi-steep learning curve, it's easy to zone out for hours building your zoo.

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There is a lot to love about Let's Build a Zoo. Players can get stuck into the minute details of managing their own zoo or they can take a more relaxed approach to building an animal empire, but the amount of freedom is really what makes this game stand out among other management sims on the market. The sheer variety of animals on offer and the charming visuals make up for the monotonous music and sparse tutorials. This is a solid choice for players who are looking for something fun to play at a bargain price.

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Create over 300,000 hybrid animals, make moral choices, and run and design your own zoo all in one game. A best-of-best-worlds mix of creativity and business management, Let's Build a Zoo provides a lot to do, a ton of people to meet, and a crazy number of animals to adopt/splice.

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