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Trash Sailors

fluckyMachine, QubicGames, tinyBuild
Dec 16, 2021 - PC, Nintendo Switch
8 / 10
Screen Rant
2.5 / 5
But Why Tho?
9 / 10
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Trash Sailors — Launch Trailer | Co-Op Trash Raft Simulator thumbnail

Trash Sailors — Launch Trailer | Co-Op Trash Raft Simulator

Trash Sailors - Reveal Teaser Trailer (Alpha) thumbnail

Trash Sailors - Reveal Teaser Trailer (Alpha)

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8 / 10.0

Overall, Trash Sailors is a co-op sailing adventure game with a unique hand-drawn style and creative and interesting gameplay. Players can constantly meet new challenges in different themed sea scenes. However, the game also currently exists several problems, such as online co-op and dynamic difficulty balancing. We hope the developer can solve them soon.

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It’s a regrettable time when a game is simultaneously extremely fun and extremely broken. The potential for greatness is obviously present, but Trash Sailors holds itself back thanks to poor circumstances. With that being said, should Trash Sailors receive the kind of tech support that it needs and finally lives up to its potential, it would be more than a fun time for any group of friends.

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Trash Sailors is one of the rare co-op-centric titles that manages to deliver a chaotic and fun experience without annoyance. Levels never feel too punishing, enemies don’t have overbearing mechanics, and no part of the puzzle is undervalued in the grand scheme of things. This makes for an experience that borders on perfection for any group of friends looking for a new game to tackle together.

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Trash Sailor’s frantic gameplay and variety of hazards and enemies certainly elevate it above the heap of a dumpster dive. But the frustrating controls and lack of challenge mean it still smells a bit after taking it home.

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