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Really Interactive, Fast Travel Games
Mar 10, 2022 - PC, Oculus Rift
4.5 / 5
7.5 / 10
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Virtuoso | Launch Trailer (Meta Quest, Rift & SteamVR) thumbnail

Virtuoso | Launch Trailer (Meta Quest, Rift & SteamVR)

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Virtuoso VR Trailer - 2021

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Critic Reviews for Virtuoso

If you want to have fun making music but don't want to invest in a "real" setup… this is a great cheap(er) option that gives you a lot of variety to play with. Definitely a great option at a pretty decent price for what you get.

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It is more of a tool than a game, but I had a great time with Virtuoso. I’m a sucker for musical production, and I can’t help but laud the devs at Really Interactive for coming up with a ridiculously easy way for a person like me to compose, perform and download brand new creations of my own. I just hope they continue supporting it down the line.

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