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Expedition Zero

Enigmatic Machines, tinyBuild
Mar 24, 2022 - PC
Weak Man

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Expedition Zero - Hunt or be hunted | Launch Trailer

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Expedition Zero | Release Date & Demo Announcement

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Critic Reviews for Expedition Zero

Expedition Zero offers a stripped back survival experience with a tense atmosphere, but the monsters in the trees will hinder your enjoyment.

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Expedition Zero is an interesting game with some good ideas and exceptional atmosphere use. Still, the positives are let down by several bugs, issues around areas of the game feeling unfinished and other frustrations. There's certainly a chance you'll have some good moments with the game, but I can only imagine these moments will be outweighed by other less fun and more annoying moments.

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When Expedition Zero is at its best, it's a tense battle against the elements as you scavenge and try to get out of the surreal zone. At its worst, it's getting killed by annoying monsters. Unfortunately, you do more of the latter, making it more frustrating than scary. If Expedition Zero still interests you with its problems, get ready to grit your teeth.

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Expedition Zero doesn't quite pull of a homerun, but it's a solid experience. If only it wasn't let down by bugs and a lack of polish.

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This adventure in the rough north is as inhospitable as the environment in which the main protagonist tries to survive.

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Expedition Zero is the umpteenth bet in survival and crafting games, its strong point being its setting and intriguing plot, but beyond that we didn't find anything that makes us feel like we're facing a great game. Its survival mechanics are quite simple and poorly measured, as well as having poor performance and poor optimization. Recommended only if you like games of this type too much.

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Expedition Zero is a tough journey through horrible conditions that can often feel one-sided. On the surface, it seems like a great horror adventure but that tone will change after your first instant death. If you are willing to deal with the technical issues and insanely aggressive monster AI, Expedition Zero will give you that gripping and intense feeling only horror games can deliver.

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The Partisan Spy

Unknown Author
The Partisan Spy

You are alone, in an endless freezing night and THINGS ARE HUNTING YOU. To get out of this place you need to complete missions, collect materials, craft upgrades and fight for your life! Expedition Zero is a scary, horror first-person shooter game that will make you play on the tips of your toes, and being alert won’t save you from getting scared. Game mechanics, HUD, UI, Story… Every element of the game is SIMPLE AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND, with one exception… How to fight those freaking things that don’t stop screaming! Besides that, there are some bugs in the game that will hopefully be fixed before it is released.

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