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Big Bang Pro Wrestling

Mar 30, 2022 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Big Bang Pro Wrestling

Big Bang Pro Wrestling offers a fantastic portable wrestling game experience that feels right at home on the Switch. There aren't many 8-bit-style wrestling games on the platform, with only Pro Wrestling available via the Switch Online service and no Tecmo World Wrestling as of this writing.

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What Big Bang Pro Wrestling does well, it does very well. The detail in each character and animation is impressive, especially for a game that was initially released on a handheld system over twenty years ago. More options for wrestlers would have been an excellent addition. In addition, the button timing mechanic is frustrating.

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Big Bang Pro Wrestling is a simple retro 16-bit game that will frustrate modern players. However, a very tiny screen and a grappling system that can leave you wondering how to possibly win matches are only minor complaints. And with a price tag of 7.99 USD, there is hardly any risk of buying this piece of video game history.

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Big Bang Pro Wrestling can be played with two action buttons combined with any of the four directions. These button combinations bring back the styles of a retro video game. Story is as simple as a hero trying to fight their way to become a champion and grasp the champion belt in the end. There’s really no need to read through the instruction manuals as the game is designed to be simple and includes some exquisite characters with unique personalities. It's a decent game to meet with friends and probably last about a couple of hours of entertainment.

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Big Bang Pro Wrestling is a curiosity from the Neo Geo Pocket Color. While it looks nice, it hasn't aged quite as well as previous releases on the Neo Geo Pocket Colour Selection Volume 1 or the more recent SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash.  This title is more for die-hard fans of the console or someone struggling for a wrestling fix on the Nintendo Switch, though there are alternatives such as Arcade Action Wrestling. Sadly this game is more Legend than Heavyweight Champion of the World.

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Big Bang Pro Wrestling looks great, and parts of it hold up really well, even 22 years after its initial release. Its gameplay is a somewhat odd mix of simple mechanics, which require a bit too precise of timing and positioning, but get some friends together who loved wrestling in the era it was originally made, and I’m confident you’ll have some fun.

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Big Bang Pro Wrestling is another neat little NEO GEO Pocket game on the Switch. It’s not as full of content as previous offerings, but what’s here is fun enough to keep wrestling fans or NEO GEO fans entertained for a little while. I’d maybe wait for the next NEO GEO Collection for this one.

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I appreciate some of what Big Bang Pro Wrestling brings to the table. It is a retro port that wears its influences on its sleeve. The characters and designs look really good and the layout makes it feel like I’m actually playing a New Geo Pocket console. Sadly, there are just too many great wrestling games today that do what Big Bang Pro Wrestling does, but better. Its gameplay is at times aggravating and unforgiving, while the movesets and game modes get old fast. All in all, if you’re desperate for some old-time pro wrasslin action then the low price point of Big Bang Pro Wrestling may entice you, but it won’t occupy you for long.

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