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Painting VR

Oisoi Studio, Cybernetic Walrus
Apr 14, 2022 - Meta Quest, PC, HTC Vive
Niche Gamer
10 / 10
Try Hard Guides
8 / 10
World Of Geek Stuff
3 / 5
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🌈 Painting VR - out on Meta Quest Store and Steam on 14/04/22 - ✏ Wishlist now! ✏ thumbnail

🌈 Painting VR - out on Meta Quest Store and Steam on 14/04/22 - ✏ Wishlist now! ✏

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Critic Reviews for Painting VR

Niche Gamer

10 / 10.0
Niche Gamer

Painting VR is not like Tilt Brush where it’s not so much painting, but making 3D sculptures. All the developers behind Painting VR wanted was for the game to be about the Joy of Painting. Painting VR provides it to those who would be unable to paint in the meat space by giving them a chance to have an authentic painting experience within the virtual space.

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Painting VR is likely what many amateur and professional VR artists are looking for. Logging in and seeing paint on canvas, the different textures, and experimenting with tools is a unique experience that rivals creating art in real life. In addition, the ease to then export and share those paintings will only allow creativity to blossom further as the community evolves.

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If you are a more experienced artist, Painting VR offers everything you need including detailed and responsive brushes. If you are new to art, you will need to invest time into learning how to use Painting VR, and I am not sure that many VR users will do that when other experiences on the market offer this already.

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